Current Theega (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 22 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.90)
Cast: Manchu Manoj Kumar , Rakul Preet Singh , Sunny Leone
Release Date: 31 Oct 2014

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This movie is a romantic, comedy entertainer with the village backdrop.Though the story is routine director is successful in entertaining the audience throughout the movie. High octane action scenes and the item song featuring Sunny Leone are the highlights to the movie. Comedy by Manchu Manoj and his friends is also good. His dialogue ‘Chettu peru cheppukoni ammudu podaniki nenu kayano panduno kadu current theeganu muttunkunte shock andariki okela thagulu tundi’ is effective. Songs are good and the costumes by Manchu Lakshmi is a combination of traditional and modern designs. This is an out and out entertaining movie.
Business Of Tollywood
Finally, this flick has got all the ingredients needed for mass audience. For Manchu Manoj and Sunny Leone fans, this flick will be a feast. For other, first half of the venture will look entertaining while it drops off in the second half. Film maker didn’t take much care on the second half of the film. More over, the first half was completely loaded with Sunny Leone’s sequences and hence second half looked a bit dull compared to the first part. For mass spectators, this flick will be a good one to watch in this season.
Even if the storyline is familiar and on beaten track, if the treatment is proper with the right kind of commercial elements, the film works. This seems to be the case with this movie. The first half goes about with elements of comedy, some romance and some fights. The interval bang was promising and the second half had its share of lighter moments along with some action and melodrama. Overall, this is a film which would run among the masses for its masala and the fights. At the box office, this could land into a profit zone.
Manoj looks energetic, however routine he may have been. Rakul is better in this film than in 'Loukyam'. Jagapathi in his 'Legend' avatar does a semi-comedian act with confidence. Sunny Leone is wasted in a role that has her adopt a fake accent and speak lines like "Aada pillalu paddathi ga undali" to a comedic effect. Even the item number with her is dumb.
Current Theega is a High voltage entertainer- movie is worth watching, not just for once but twice and thrice too.!
'Current Theega' is a rustic entertainer that is good in part
S Mahesh Koneru, Releaseday
Finally, Current Teega is one more that kind of Telugu film which has no value for story or novelty but tries to sail by some comedy here and there. PRETTY AVERAGE STUFF!!!
The unit of Current Theega has taken that risk and delivered it as a well-packaged film. Manoj Manchu delivers his best in this movie. On a whole. Current Theega is a colorful village entertainer that has something for everybody. You may watch it lovely....!
All in all, the movie is surely worth watchable ones for Manchu Manoj energy and Rakul Preet Singh beauty. Manchu Manoj Steals The Show.
Overall, Current Teega is a mixture of romance, comedy, fun and entertainment and a must-watch for this weekend for its killer comedy dialogues, rich costumes and sets.
Overall, Current Theega starts on a promising note with some well designed entertainment during the first half. The tempo dips slightly in the second half but is made up during the climax. Manoj’s electrifying performance, Sunny Leone and Rakul Preet’s glamor and some comedy elements makes this film a decent time pass entertainer.
Sivarama Raju [Jagapathi Babu] challenges Veeraraju [Supreet] that all his three daughters will get married as per his decision. Sivarama Raju successfully does two of his daughters wedding as per his wish while the third daughter Kavitha [Rakul Preet] is still a college going girl. Raju [Manchu Manoj] is an unemployed youth in the same village who does nothing, Raju loves Kavitha's teacher Sunny [Sunny Leone] but she gets married to a third person. Finally Raju falls in love with Kavitha. Did Raju broke Sivarama Raju challenge or did it happen the other way. Find this on the big screen
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
First half is entertaining with good comedy, Manoj’s comic punches and Sunny Leone’s hot show, but tempo slightly dips in the second half till climax
This soundtrack is a step down for Achu's recent form
Karthik Srinivas, Milliblog
'Current Theega' is a colorful village entertainer that has something for everybody
Jeevi, Idle Brain
his is cake walk role for Manchu Manoj. He is good, fits the character perfectly. However, Manoj should starting look for variety roles rather than doing the regular naughty roles all the time. Audience might get bored watching Manoj in the same role. He should also focus on acting and leave other departments to others like composing stunts and singing. Rakul Preet Singh is good and provides glamour. Sunny Leone role is very limited and Sampoornesh Babu sparkles in a single scene.
Current Teega lacks power supply.G.Nageswar Reddy decided to stick to his strength of scoring hits with out and out comedy. However this time he completely ignored story which is the heart of the film's success. He got everything right like extracting good mass mannerisms from Manoj, beautiful Rakul, good comedians and special attractions Sunny Leone and Sampoornesh Babu.
'Current Teega' is a light hearted entertainer and it is meant to be treated and watched just like that
Hemanth Kumar, The Times of India
Manchu Manoj shows considerable improvement in his performance and Rakul Preet shines through effortlessly. After Venkatadri Express and Loukyam, she gets enough screen time to prove herself. Even though it appears clichéd that the hero would fall for her after seeing her in a sari and not in a school uniform, there’s no denying that Rakul rises above the limitations of her stereotyped role. Sunny Leone hasn’t been signed for her acting chops. She amps up the glamour quotient and brings the house down when she walks away with Sampoornesh Babu. Jagapati Babu, though stuck in a mostly-brooding partly-comic role, lights up the screen.
The Hindu
A regular masala flick laced with comedy
'Current Theega' also has a message for young lovers as a part of the story
Venkat, Great Andhra
The movie is a official remake of Tamil super hit ‘Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam’. The film makers have made few changes to the script to suit the Telugu nativity. However, ‘Current Theega’ is the biggest release in Manoj’s career at the Box-office. Surely, Manoj’s electrifying performance, Rakul Preet Singh’s glamour, Sunny Leone’s factor and high entertainment quotient forms the major positive aspects for the film.
Current Teega movie is watchable… Current Theega Movie Review was last modified: October 31st, 2014 by Raghu
I Luv Cinema
Current Theega has enough to be a safe venture at the ticket windows. It is targeted at the rural audience and has potential to do well in B and C centers. Current Theega can be watched once for Manchu Manoj's performance, music and star cast. Manchus surely have a winner on their hands. We will get to know the range of the film within few days.
Current Theega is more or less a high octane action masala film with tinge of more adultry, be it be dialogues or comedy. Even then it is a 142 mins jolly ride, thanks to the performances of experiences actors and team work. First half of the movie is entertaining with comedy, Sunny Leone and few sudden unexpected twists. Second half remains just engaging with predictable narration. Overall, Current Theega as in title a high voltage 'A' entertainer with ample action and grown up comedy. Many not be a comfortable watch for families.
Run of the mill drama
Telugu Cinema
G.Nageswara Reddy after scoring a hit with Denikaina Ready, planned to repeat the magic once again. He takes off with excellent comedy in the first half. Viewers interest increase with Sunny Leone's entry and her hot song. Sampoornesh Babu's dialogues take the film to the next level. Coupled with it comedy of Tagubotu Ramesh, Vennela Kishore,Dhanraj tickled the ribs of everyone. First half ends before one could settle in their seats
Current Theega first half is good .Second Half is ok Overall one time watch film . for Manchu manoj ,Rakul preeth,Sunny Leone fans its paisa vasool film .Idhi Power Fluctuations vunna Current Theega (High voltage-low voltage -standard voltage )