Damaal Dumeel (2014)

Tamil 1 hrs 57 mins Comedy, Thriller, Crime
55 %
Total Reviews: 11
Sahi: 6 Nahi: 5

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Average Critic Rating: (2.50)
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'Damaal Dumeel' - This is also one of those films that you need to keep watching keeping this caveat in mind
The Hindu
Thaman's fans might feel a sense of inadequateness listening to 'Damaal Dumeel' in comparison to his other works
The Times of India
The only positive highlights of this film are the performances by established artists like Shivaji Shinde and Kota Srinivasa. Strictly for those who want to test your patience by watching this dull and inconsistent movie, that claims itself as a Dark-comedy Thriller.
A one-of-a-kind attempt that warrants a watch propped by impactful writing that keeps things short & sweet without descending into melodrama
'Damaal Dumeel' captures the attention of the viewer at the start and also maintains a healthy pace, but one feels let down
This slick and neat package would have been saved to a great extent if the narration was a little more interesting.
India Glitz
'Damaal Dumeel' is a worthy attempt
The Times of India
Close in the footsteps of dark comedies such as 'Soodhu Kavvum' and 'Moodar Koodam', comes 'Damaal Dumeel', which unlike its contemporaries, may not be exceptional but still has what it takes to be applauded for the effort
India TV News
Thriller movies are the flavor of the season in Kollywood, and director Shrees 'Damal Dummel' is no exception
'Damaal Dumeel' is standard Thaman fare
'Damaal Dumeel' is a neatly made comedy thriller
Oneindia Entertainment