Dangal (2016)

Hindi 2 hrs 41 mins Drama, Biopic
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Review Summary: 'Dangal' is the best film of 2016. Aamir Khan sets the bar for sports films, and films in general. A must watch.

Average Critic Rating: (3.96)
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Est. Budget: 70.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 385.0 CR

Plot: Dangal is an upcoming Indian biographical sports drama film directed by Nitesh Tiwari. The film is produced by Disney Studio India. The film stars Aamir Khan portraying the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who taught wrestling to his daughters Babita Kumari and Geeta Phogat. Geeta Phogat was India's first female... Read more

Dangal - Movie Reviews

He is, as he's been appearing during Christmas for more than a few years now, the annual Santa Claus spreading cheer among Indian audiences, enticing you to enjoy a fine bout at the dangal, this time, and a wholly enjoyable ride in the theatre, yet again. Don't think I need to say more. You won't miss this anyway.
An ex-wrestler channels his ambition for an international gold medal through his daughters and he trains them to fight. A quintessential sports movie, where everyone laughs at Geeta and Babita Phogat when their father pits them against boys in local 'Dangal' - a wrestling match, then hold them high when the two sisters win state and national competitions. Brilliant biographical tale that is a must watch
Now Running
Aamir Khan -- the name is synonymous with dedication, perfection and qualitative cinema.
Bollywood Hungama
If sporting films were pitted against one another, Dangal would be champion
Dangal has everything that you’d ask from the perfect Hindi film. Its funny, dramatic, dark, serious, emotional all rolled into one seamless cinematic gem. It is the movie of the year. A film that deserves a standing ovation. A story so good that it will make you feel like a proud Indian. This is a truly special film.
Film Fare
Mahavir's obstinacy stems from his unwavering determination to turn his girls into the boys that he doesn't have.
Aamir Khan's Well-Crafted Film Is An Outright Winner
If sporting films were pitted against one another, Dangal would be champion
Dangal is the perfect finish to 2016
Aamir Khan’s Punch-Packed Dangal Is A Must-Experience
Spot Boye
Aamir Khan, Phogat girls deserve no silver, only gold
Indian Express
On an overall basis ‘Dangal’ is a mesmerisingly victorious cinema which should be watched by every Indian, father, daughter, sport loving person and most importantly by everyone who loves and cherishes good cinema.
Bollywood Times
I’m going with four out of five.
Rajeev Masand
The bar's been raised again
Dangal is a masterpiece
Bollywood Hungama
Dangal would never have been made if it was not Aamir Khan. Dangal could have been Aamir Khan's vanity project. It is neither, it is a film with a meaning and a message which doesn’t overwhelm the telling.
Indian Express
Safely assuming that there are no more soundtracks to come from Pritam this year, Dangal is a wonderful high for the man to end the year on! And that'€™s back to back winners for the composer with Amitabh Bhattacharya.
Music Aloud
Aamir Khan's wrestling film, as we all know, is based on the victories of Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari during the 2011 Commonwealth Games.
Financial Express
Aamir is the messiah here, the man who knows best and is here to tell lesser mortals which direction their life should take.
Reuters India
Again, Aamir gifts India with a movie in Christmas and proves why he continues to be the Santa donating gifts in the form of a few hours of magic, yanking your earthly problems out of your mind space for 150 minutes and taking you on an adrenalin ride and making you believe that life, as bleak as it might be, when looked at purely as ups and downs of moments and emotions attached to them, can be liveable and be looked back at with sighs and smiles, albeit in different doses
Bolly Brit
Aamir Khan's Christmas gift is a must watch
India Today
Strong performances and Aamir expectedly shine
Khaleej Times
Aamir Khan's Dangal is a MUST WATCH and it will be a major crime if you miss it.
It Sells When Aamir's Career-Best Show Is Topped With Patriotism And Jingoism
Outlook India
Aamir Khan owns 2016 with this victorious sports drama
First Post
Aamir Khan hits it out of the park yet again with another emotional masterpiece!
Behind Woods
An emotional rollercoaster
News Today Net
Demonetisation be damned, watch Dangal.
Times of India
His only hope now is that his son would one day fulfil his dream.
Hindustan Times
In the film Phogat (played by Khan) is a National champion, but gives up wrestling to take up a government job and settle into matrimony
Planet Bollywood
Bollywood Saved the Best of 2016 for Last
The Quint
The muscles flexed in the first half continue to show off in the form of wrestling competitions staged with style and grace that Indians watch live on screen only once in four years.
New Indian Express
Pritam works wonders with a rustic soundtrack for Aamir Khan'€™s wrestling biopic
Bollywood Life
Dangal teaches us where rainbows lie in wrestling, and while it is a celebration of true greats '€” and true grit '€” this isn'€™t about one sport.
Sen City
A Father’s Dreams, Recast by His Daughters in ‘Dangal’
NY Times
ताबड़तोड़ और पूरे परिवार के लिए है 'दंगल'
Dangal’s two-and-a-half hours go by quickly, even without the traditional musical song-and-dance sequences that enliven most Indian commercial films.
Film Journal
Aamir Khan's splendid performance makes us want to salute Mahavir Singh Phogat
‘Dangal’ Ensures 2016 Ends With A Last Ball Six
Mens XP
An empowering, uplifting on screen phenomenon
Glam Sham
Aamir Khan delivers the bravest, grittiest, honest film of the year
Bollywood Life
Dangal' is a rousing study of the quest for perfection – and Aamir is the perfect lead
There’s hardly a moment in “Dangal” that doesn’t go according to the numbers, but after 160 minutes’ worth of formula, the movie certainly hits a note of touching tribute to the way girl power is sweeping the world.
An empowering, uplifting on screen phenomenon
Glam Sham
What works wonderfully for Dangal is the writing. Director Nitesh Tiwari, along with Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Mehrotra should be complimented for their tongue-in-cheek quality, peppered with humour and several poignant father-daughter emotions all through
Times of India
Dangal is an ultimate feminist anthem with a large, generous, middle-aged man at its core
Daily O
Aamir Khan Is The Life And Soul Of The Inspiring ‘Dangal’
Scoop Whoop
A film that touches heart !
Telugu 360
‘Dangal’ Aims High But Misses the Gold Medal
The Wire
Starring Aamir Khan, the film strikes gold primarily because the heavy lifting is evenly distributed among all the actors in this film
Dangal' is a rousing study of the quest for perfection – and Aamir is the perfect lead
Aamir Khan shines in a cliche-ridden Dangal
Business Standard
The 2010 Commonwealth Games are years away. Geeta Phogat (Zaira Wasim, Fatima Sana Shaikh) has just returned to Balali, her village in Haryana, after months of preparation at the National Sports Academy in Patiala.
Aamir Khan’s gameplan and Phogat sisters’ pace win hearts
Mumbai Mirror
Aamir Khan gets a salute from all of Bollywood
India Today
Hindustan Times
Why Dangal Is an Important Film for a Country Like India
News 18
Aamir and his girls pack a thunderous punch to give a powerful message about girl power
Pink Villa
Dangal is inspiring, emotional and spellbinding. It is a ‘Dhakad’ film and a perfect end for 2016
Koi Moi
Nationalism over feminism
The Hindu
A father'€™s dreams, recast by his daughters in '€˜Dangal'€™
The New York Times
सच में छोरियां छोरों से कम ना हैं
The music of Dangal is largely entertaining and while it has a predominantly situational feel to it, all credit to Pritam and Amitabh Bhattacharya for still going ahead and adding good enough ingredients to the songs
Bollywood Hungama
Aamir takes home the gold
Aamir Khan and four lovely youngsters knock it out of the park
First Post
Wrestlers Win Hearts
Mirchi 9
Crowdpleasing wrestling drama keeps its eye on the big picture
The Guardian
Dangal’ bends a little to accommodate its superstar, but has plenty of charm and grit
Live Mint
Tedious, overstretched film lacks charisma, but Aamir Khan is exceptional
American Bazaar Online
Dangal is a power packed sports film thrives high on performances of Aamir and his girls.
Deccan Chronicle
When it comes to wrestling, or education, or religion, Aamir Khan knows best. After watching “Dangal”, it is difficult to argue with that.