Darna Zaroori Hai (2006)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Thriller, Horror
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Review Summary: DARNA ZAROORI HAI lacks the power to scare frighten terrify and petrify.

Average Critic Rating: (2.80)
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan , Ritesh Deshmukh , Anil Kapoor , Mallika Sherawat , Randeep Hooda , Zakir Hussain , Manoj Pahwa , Suniel Shetty , Sonali Kulkarni , Rajpal Yadav , Arjun Rampal , Bipasha Basu , Makrand Deshpande , Rasika Joshi , Nisha Kothari , Shweta Prasad , Mohit Alawat , Sarita Joshi , Ava Mukherji
Director: Jijy Philip
Release Date: 28 Apr 2006

Plot: Darna Zaroori Hai interweaves six stories into one film. Five children get lost in the middle of a forest until they find a haunted house. Inside, there is an old woman who agrees to tell them six scary stories, and they will all compete on who is able to sit Read more

Darna Zaroori Hai - Top Reviews

Even if you don't scare at all, you can rest assured that -- be it merely because of the format -- this film cannot bore you.
Raja Sen, Rediff 
DARNA ZAROORI HAI lacks the power to scare frighten terrify and petrify.
Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama

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Darna Zaroori Hai - All Reviews

But not enough proof of the talent's productivity.
Ironically, the story that I most enjoyed was just a fun prelude and not part of the main narrative. A close-up of Manoj Pahwa´s mouth roaring with laughter was a surprising opening for a horror movie. This was a story of an odious glutton called Satish w
Lidia Ostepeev, Planet Bollywood
By: Taran Adarsh, IndiaFMFriday, April 28, 2006Three years ago, Ramgopal Varma triggered off an experiment. He combined six different stories in one film called Darna Mana Hai. Continuing with the ''Darna'' series, he narrates six different stories once a
I left the cinema hall after t......
Sulekha Reviewer, Sulekha
Darna Mana Hai wasn't the scariest horror thriller but was path-breaking in terms of its concept screenplay format and execution. So obviously you expect the sequel to be bigger and better. Darna Zaroori Hai is bigger when it comes to
GaRaM, Now Running
Darna Zaroori Hai takes off with the Sajid Khan directed story about a crass and fat guy who cocks a snook at his dear mother's warning to avoid watching the scary film Darna Mana Hai coz today's Friday the 13 th and actually takes a short cut for the latenight show. The shortcut goes through a cemetery, and our young bozo is disdainful and disrespectful of the departed souls resting there. But he finds the film boring, and through an irritating pattern of jump cuts, keeps returning to the snacks counter to stuff more and more popcorn into his vile mouth. As this mercifully short story lurches to its end, our bozo finds himself at the cemetery once gain, taking the shortcut home, and now, strange things happen to him. There are a couple of startling and scary moments here, but they come not from an underlying and continuous state of fear in the mind of the viewer due to the storyline, but from the sudden and nerve jangling appearance of scary apparitions with startlingly loud sound effects. What ultimately happens to our fat bozo is a result of his terrified mind... and the end actually evokes an ironic chuckle from the audience when we see a cutout that says: Darna Zaroori Hai... Coming Soon! And speaking of irony, Manoj Pahwa as our fat slob of a bozo is completely over the top in a caricaturish and completely overacted performance much like the director of his story Sajid Khan is in all his TV shows! The story doesn't really chill you, not at all. Two, three moments at the most, and the casual intrigue of what's gonna happen next. That's about it for this one.
India Glitz
In the Hindi film cinema not many films have been attempted recently in this genreHorror is a genre which is quite a challenge to portray to the audiencesThe most essential ingredient of any horror flick is to send deep chills down the audience’s spine Ev
Bollywood Mantra