Dekh Tamasha Dekh (2014)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Comedy

Plot: Inspired by a true incident, the film starts off when an underprivileged man gets crushed under the weight of a politician's ( Satish Kaushik ). The film gets into the mood immediately after the death of this man. Be it the judge trying to get into the details of the... Read more

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A satirical take on religious bigots
Indian Express
The religious identity of a poor dead man fuels wildfire debates political powwows communal commotion and curfew in a village - famed for its inflammable religious sensitivity
Times of India
With a run time of just about 100 minutes DEKH TAMASHA DEKH is indeed watchable...
Bollywood Hungama
This is a movie worth a weekend watch
When passions run wild, humans do not remain humans, but take their sides on the basis of caste, religion, region and what not. The blood that runs in their veins is spilled on the street to avenge the attack on their so called pride and community, little
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New Delhi: Routinely, we love to sweep the truth about Hindu-Muslim relations under the carpet. Or simply sugar-coat it to make the actual volume of mutual distrust and animosity palatable to a nation steeped in escapism and self-delusion.;`Dekh Tamash
Zee News
MSN India