Desi Kattey (2014)

Hindi Drama, Action
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Review Summary: Reminds us of the good old days of Vaastav. Critics this one is certainly worth skipping!

Average Critic Rating: (1.40)
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Plot: Desi Kattey is a Bollywood action-drama film directed and produced by Anand Kumar under the banner of Anand Kumar Productions. The film was released on 26 September 2014. The story and screenplay was written by Aaryaan Saxena. It features actor Sunil Shetty in the lead role. Creative and Executive Producer... Read more

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Desi Kattey is one drag of film that pretends to be a potboiler but ends up being a Gunday look alike gone wrong. I am not sure such films should be reviewed even. I bore through enough pains to write it and hence I feel too tired for stars.
Koi Moi
Remember those masala pot boiler films from the 80's and 90's era which featured childhood friendship, childhood love, die hard friends getting separated, children converting into adulthood in a song while running, insertion of melodrama in every scene an
Movie Zadda
Desi Kattey is an insipid mishmash of just about every script engaging two friends going separate ways meets underdog sports hero, rants Sukanya Verma
What would you get if you mix the recent hit Gunday and an underdog sports story. This unappetizing dish goes by the name of Desi Kattey. Director Anand Kumar (Zilla Ghaziabad) is back with yet another crime drama set in UP.Like in Gunday, the film has tw
Desi Kattey review: Suniel Shetty looks drawn, Ashutosh Rana catches the eye
Indian Express
Somewhere in the late nineties, filmmaker Ram GopalVarma made a film by...
Bollywood Hungama
Walkout save urself
The Hindu
A great example on how to make a good idea go kaput, Anand Kumar’s ‘Desi Kattey’ on paper looks like a promising high voltage inspiring dynamite about the life of two sharpshooting thugs where one becomes a competitive shooter while his childhood friend gets rotten in the life of crime, is loaded with banal, mundane and inane execution making this utterly formulaic exercise a chapter in sheer boredom.
India Glitz
A piece of advice: Don’t forget to shoot dead the memory of Desi Kattey before your leave the movie theatre
You have two orphans who grow up in a pistol-making factory in Kanpur
Glam Sham
Anand Kumar, who earlier directed the flop film ‘Zila Ghaziabad’, makes a comeback with his latest offering in the form of ‘Desi Kattey’. This action drama features ‘Hate Story 2’ fame Jay Bhanushali and debutante Akhil Kapur in lead roles while Sunil She
Bollywood 3
Story:Pali (akhil) and Gyani (jay) are buddies from childhood and they grow up to be ace sharpshooters. They worship Judge Sahab (ashutosh rana) a notorious and powerful guy who is an inspiration to them. On knowing this, Judge Sahab takes these two and t
Bharat Student
Earthy, robust and virile, Desi Kattey is the macho 'gun gaan' that fans of Anurag Kashyap and Sanjay Gupta's cinema would identify with. If you like stories about boys on a rampage, this one will make your heart swell with manly pride.
The biggest trouble with Desi Kattey is that it bites too much, far more than it can chew
Hindustan Times
Where does one begin?
Mumbai Mirror
देसी कट्टे! पक्का फिल्म में यूपी की गुंडई, पॉलिटिक्स, मार-धाड और अटनिया पे लोटन कबूतर टाइप मसालेदार संगीत के साथ शुक्रवार रंगीन हो जाएगा। पर ये क्या आप सिनेमाहाल से... Read more
Ashutosh Rana is the only saving grace
Bollywood Life
Making an action film based upon gangster is not everyone's cup of tea but then a well packaged product can do wonders in this age even if the movie lacks in the content department. Alas! that's not the case with Desi Kattey. The central India or Hind
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If you want to watch an action film that depends heavily on drama, go for this one. Or else stick with the likes of Virasat and Satya
Thumbs Down: Everything, Bad acting, Overtly long,
I wonder if the team that created this film did it the same way - with their eyes half-shut.
Times of India
If you like stories about boys on a rampage, this one will make your heart swell with manly pride