Devil (2010)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Mystery, Horror, Thriller
67 %
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Sahi: 2 Nahi: 1

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Average Critic Rating: (2.50)
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Plot: Ramirez ( Jacob Vargas ) speaks in a voice-over about stories that his mother told him about the Devil sometimes actively seeking out individuals who have sinned, while they're still alive on Earth. While taking human form, he traps them in a confined place only to turn them against each... Read more

Devil - Movie Reviews

In The Devil Meets Prada, the brilliant Meryl Streep metamorphoses into the Cruella DeVille of fashion -- ruthless, demanding, frosty Miranda Priestly, prominent editor of high-fashion magazine Runway in New York.
Words that were inviting to a film viewer in 1999 -- From the mind of M Night Shyamalan -- are now treated with intense distrust.
Dir: Drew Dowdle Cast: Bokeem Woodbine, Caroline Dhavernas, Chris Messina