Dhadak (2018)

Hindi 2 hrs 17 mins Romance
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Total Reviews: 16
Sahi: 8 Nahi: 8

Review Summary: 'Dhadak' shows promise with its stars but is far less engaging and less grittier than 'Sairat'.

Average Critic Rating: (2.59)
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Est. Budget: 45.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 51.0 CR

Plot: Set in the picturesque city of Udaipur, Dhadak is the story of Madhukar and Parthavi. From the moment they set eyes on each other; Madhukar and Parthavi felt something familiar, something pure, but as their love blossomed, so did their problems. Torn between society and their families, their fate became... Read more

Dhadak - Movie Reviews

A vanilla remake of the hard-hitting Marathi film Sairat, Dhadak is just an overly long story about a runaway couple. While Sairat was raw and gritty, the caste divide between the lovers very obvious and cruel, here it gets a makeover. The first half has a romance made tolerable because of the lad Ishaan Khattar, but the second half is like the girl (Janhvi Kapoor) annoying and unable to get out of a scene intact.
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As a showcase, Dhadak is a promise that will take some more effort to fully fulfil
Ishaan Khatter, Janhvi Kapoor Have a Winning Chemistry
News 18
Janhvi Kapoor And Ishaan Khatter Can't Enliven Comatose Film
Love on the run
Glam Sham
Ishaan displays confidence of a seasoned actor, Janhvi's innocence makes you believe in the story
Economic Times
Dhadak is a film that turns Nagraj Manjule's vision into naught, only so that a few more zeroes can be added to Karan Johar's bank account
Without them, the film would have been a mediocre watch. But thanks to the way they have essayed their characters, it is a decent one-time watch. Shashank as director is in good fettle, and his writing is decent too. And, contrary to what many people will think, for me this climax was better than that of the original. It was less repulsive, yet more impactful. For that, Khaitan may take a bow.
India West
To those who feel that Dhadak doesn't measure up to Sairat, Kshamaya Daniel, 18, has one piece of advice: We're talking about wine here, not scotch.
Dhadak is shinier than Sairat and there lies the problem
Hindustan Times
Janhvi Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter’s lacks the depth of original
Hindustan Times
It Has A Heart & A Heartbreak!
Box Office Capsule
Capturing the essence of Udaipur, creating the tension in dramatic scenes, pouring out love in the romantic ones - script & screenplay are top notch.
Koi Moi
आगाज सैराट जैसा, लेकिन अंजाम अलग
Aaj Tak
There will always be comparisons with “Sairat”, which is no doubt the superior film, but it was one that was restricted to one state. For all its flaws, “Dhadak” is the vehicle that will bring more audiences to this important story and for that alone, it’s worth it.
Lacks the intensity of Sairat but worth your time
Khaleej Times