Dhamarukam (2012)

Telugu 2 hrs 37 mins Action, Fantasy, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.92)
Cast: Anushka Shetty , Nagarjuna Akkineni
Director: Srinivasa Reddy
Release Date: 22 Nov 2012

Dhamarukam - All Reviews

First half of the film is good. The second half should have been better. Emotions in the film should have been more stronger. Plus points of the film are Nagarjuna and the grandeur. The producer Venkat should be appreciated for producing this film against huge odds and sticking to his conviction. We have to wait and see how masses and family audiences embrace the film.
Idle Brain
Low volume Dhamarukam!
If you go with an incredulous attitude, Dhamarukam will keep you hooked throughout.  Srinivas Reddy executes it well.  Among other things, he extracts fine performances from one and all, with the exception of Prakash Raj, who looks like a fake Godman rather than a God.  There are gripping elements in the story, which are revealed in the first half.  Certain aspects of the second half are sure-fire and even fatuous, and it looks hackneyed at places.  Overall, Damarukam is a good entertainer for lovers of films laced with supernatural, mythical elements.
India Glitz