Dhokha (2007)

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Review Summary: DHOKHA is a well-made film. At the box-office it's for multiplexes of big centres mainly.

Average Critic Rating: (3.05)
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Plot: Inspector Zaid Ahmed ( Muzammil Ibrahim ) is notified on duty that there has been a bomb blast at a mall. After investigation, it is found out that the suicide bomber responsible was Sarah Khan ( Tulip Joshi ), Zaid's wife. Zaid finds it hard to believe on seeing his... Read more

Dhokha - Movie Reviews

DHOKHA is a well-made film. At the box-office it's for multiplexes of big centres mainly.
Bollywood Hungama
This film though average, comes as a big surprise. Not just the story, but also the way it tries to bring forth a sensitive and volatile subject of Islamic fundamentalism is good.
Bharat Student
Terrorism is a topic that is currently one of the most grave issues for a number of countries and many of them like America, London and India have been affected bit itNaturally it has created a worldwide interest and people all over the world are curious
Bollywood Mantra
Newcomer, Muzzamil Ibrahim does not fail to impress, in his debut film. Whatever differences Pooja Bhatt and Muzzamil had, did not seem to effect his performance, whatsoever. He handles emotional scenes with efficiency, and being a former model, his looks
Bolly Spice
Former director-turned-scriptwriter Mahesh Bhatt [Images] has taken his offscreen image of a 'secularist' much too seriously and has translated it onscreen, in the name of Dhoka.
We’re so quick to point fingers are we not? Inanely desperate to put an immediate face to those who we feel have wronged us. For decades, this very human behavior has etched out a tragic fate for millions on each side of the Hindu-Muslim divide. It is our
Planet Bollywood
Dhokha is Pooja Bhatt’s third directorial venture (after Paap and Holiday). The movie tackles a serious issue that plagues our world. Dhokha brings to light the issue of terrorism that threatens life day and night and portrays the mindset of people who ge
Movie Review : DhokhaDirector : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Pooja Bhatt  M M Kreem  Shakeel Azmi  Muzammil Ibrahim, Tulip Joshi.By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network View Dhokha Movie StillsYou don’t really need a star cast to pull off a good mov
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