Dillunnodu (2014)

Telugu 1 hrs 5 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (1.33)
Cast: Jasmin Bhasin , Priyadarshini , Sai Ram Shankar
Director: Jay Ravindra
Release Date: 16 May 2014

Dillunnodu - All Reviews

For the last eight months the Tollywood film industry has_x000D_ been witnessing a phenomenal increase in the production of the films._x000D_ Many Films are being churned out which don't have solid foundation of_x000D_ a good story or good technical values. Dillunodu suffers mainly_x000D_ because of the pathetic second half and weak script, both of which_x000D_ have become the hall marks of the so called youth oriented films these_x000D_ days. The film drags on with a convulted narration and its clear by_x000D_ the first half an hour of the film that director Jaya Ravindraa has_x000D_ made a mess of his responsibility. He has prepared a mingle-mangle_x000D_ script containing sequences which have already been seen in many_x000D_ films. Director failed to draw decent performances from the artists._x000D_ Other than Jasmine, Sairam Shankar and Priyadarshini have not been_x000D_ able to make any impact. On the whole, Dillunodu fails to match the_x000D_ expectations created by Bumper Offer despite its new concept and_x000D_ music.
Koti S, AP Herald
Dillunodu does not offer anything new for movie lovers
I Luv Cinema
Leave alone heart or soul, the film has no brain of its own.
India Glitz