Dushman (1998)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Crime
100 %
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Average Critic Rating: (4.50)
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Plot: Sonia Sehgal and Naina Sehgal (both played by Kajol ) are twins. The two are completely different from each other, Sonia being the outgoing twin and Naina being the shy one. Meanwhile, the police are hunting for a cold-blooded, sadistic killer and rapist, Gokul Pandit ( Ashutosh Rana ). However... Read more

Dushman - Movie Reviews

Dushman ... a girl is raped and murdered by the villain and someone takes revenge. Usually that "someone" is the girl’s brother, but since this is a Pooja Bhatt film, this time the avenger is the victim’s sister. And the two sisters happen to be twins wit
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