Eega (2012)

Telugu 2 hrs 25 mins Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
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Average Critic Rating: (3.00)
Cast: Nani Ghanta , Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Director: JVV Sathyanarayana
Release Date: 05 Jul 2012

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When Rajamouli attained the peak of his popularity by delivering Magadheera after doing consecutive hits, he didn’t go after stars. He has taken the route a very few commercially super successful directors would dare to. He has made a different comedy with Sunil as hero. He went to the extreme by making a concept film Eega with a budget of 30 crores. Films like Eega differentiates a classic director from the rest. Eega is a classic revenge story told in unimaginable proportions (few millimeters vs six foot). There are a few dull moments and second half should have been little trimmed. But this small dissatisfaction fade out in front of the magnitude of efforts made by the filmmakers. On a whole, Eega is a must watch film in theaters.
Idle Brain
Simple subject, superb execution, worth watching!!
Great Andhra
At a time when logic is found to be amiss in supposedly serious dramas and potboilers, SS Rajamouli has achieved something remarkable.  He has made the impossible possible, without kissing goodbye to logic.  The film would have well bordered on the fairy tale, but for his eye to inventive commercial cinema.  Had Eega been made as merely multiplex film, it would have been injustice.  The sheer scale and range of the film will awe the adults and entice the children alike.  The story is not about how a dogooder is killed and he reincarnates as an omniscient being to redeem his tribe from Evil.  The strength of the film for an Indian audience is that the story mixes elements that can captivate the kids (the fly and its mind-blowing acts) and keep the elderly hooked (a believable murderous story with a romantic angle).
India Glitz
Nani, who gets killed by Sudeep, will reincarnate as a housefly. The little create fortunately remembers the remniscences of the past life and chooses to take revenge on Sudip. The remaining part of the story will unveil a series of scenes filled with graphics and animations, which will undoubtedly be a feast to the eyes
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Reviewed by Rohit Email: rohit@chitramala
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
Eega is excellently exceptional, thoroughly entertaining and fully exciting!