Fever (2016)

Hindi Suspense, Thriller
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Review Summary: Disappointing stuff, 'Fever' is a mediocre fare.

Average Critic Rating: (1.67)
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Plot: Fever is about contract killer who loses his memory in an accident. After which he wakes up knowing only his name and the company of a woman who wants to help this person to regain his identity... Read more

Fever - Movie Reviews

You wish the writer-director had used some logic, the film wouldn't have been this silly
The Times of India
The execution is the main culprit here. Some of the directorial choices are really poor, case in point, the Gauahar Khan swimming pool scene with garish music. What could've been a slick psychological thriller, turns out to be a bit of a damp squib.
FEVER Will Leave You With Unbearable Headache
Box Office Capsule
Fever may be a thriller but it does not have any edge-of-the-seat moments
Fever' is a technically decent film, but lacks over the soul part. The movie is super slow with minimal happenings. It tests your patience level due to idiotic screenplay, after which one might have to seek a doctor to take a headache pill.
India Glitz
रवि अग्रवाल, रमेश बालेकुंद्री, रजत मंजुनाथ, अजय छाबरिया
Overall, “Fever” is disappointing beyond words, even for Rajeev Khandelwal fans.
Touted as a suspense thriller and set in scenic Switzerland, Fever is nothing but a convoluted story of a ruthless contract killer
All in the name of redemption, this touted suspense thriller hangs in suspension of disbelief
Glam Sham
कमजोर थ्रिलर है 'फीवर'
Aaj Tak
A suspense thriller that is too confusing to handle.
Book My Show
FEVER is an example on how unbearably terrible can a wrongly realised Hitchcockian and Kafka dream can go under the turf.
Glam Sham