Filmistaan (2014)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Review Summary: Filmistaan is a delightful film. It has heart, imagination and intelligence.

Average Critic Rating: (3.53)
Cast: Filmistaan , Sharib Hashmi , Innamulhaq , Kumud Mishra , Gopal Datt , Sanjay Mehta , Ravi Bhushan , Waseem Khan , Tushar Jha , Manoj Bakshi , Sagnik Chakrabarty , Habib Aazmi , Kavita Thapliyal , Neela Gokhale
Director: Nitin Kakkar
Release Date: 06 Jun 2014
Est. Budget: 5.4 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 6.3 CR

Plot: In Mumbai, affable Bollywood buff and wanna-be-actor Sunny, who works as an assistant director, fantasizes on becoming a heart-throb star. However, at every audition he is summarily thrown out. Undeterred, he goes with an American crew to remote areas in Rajasthan to work on a documentary. One day terrorist group Read more

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A Love Saga Between Cinema & It's Lovers
Divya Solgama, Movie Zadda

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Rating: 4.0/5Hold this film tight. There is an utterly moving sequence towards the end of this lovely parable on cross-border amity where Sunny (Sharib Hashmi), who has strayed into Pakistan, confesses to Aftaab (Innamulhaq) that he is obsessed with Bolly
f only noble intentions could translate into good movies. Watch Filmistaan to appreciate a film that stands up for Bollywood like very few films have. It doesn’t have much else to recommend it for.
Shalu Dhyani, Bolly Spice
‘Filmistaan’ is one gem of a film that one should not miss out on. The film will enthrall you from the first scene right until the last frame. Sharib and Innam are two actors to watch out for. Nitin as a director is flawless. Watch it once and you will wa
Bollywood Mixer
Cinema Khush Hua.. Maa. !!!! a sarcastic exhibition condemning the India Pakistan partition an absurd decision first time helmer Nitin Kakkar joyfully twines this ode to cinema with a hostage drama that crosses boundaries for a wider audience beyond the usual festival crowd by sticking to the culture of cinema i.e. to entertain and elate with warmth by its terrific sense of humor and cultural similarities.
India Glitz
Filmistaan is a delightful film. It has heart, imagination and intelligence. It is a celebration of our enduring love affair with Hindi cinema. And it is a touching exploration of the shared humanity between Indians and Pakistanis.
Filmistaan is a story about hope, writes Rediff reader Neha Sahi Saigal.As the pre-film trailers rolled in the nearly empty cinema hall, I braced myself for the main feature film, Filmistaan.I hadn't read the reviews.I wasn't even familiar with the lead a
Filmistaan has a strong plot and well-developed characters, says Paloma Sharma.While Gandhiji has been long hailed as the father of the nation, it is CineMaa that is the undisputed mother of not only India but also its neighbouring Pakistan.The much rever