Fire In The Blood (2013)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Plot: Fire in the Blood is a 2013 documentary by Dylan Mohan Grayabout the mass devastation brought about in Africa, Asia and other parts the global South due to intentional obstruction of low-cost antiretroviral drugs used for treatment of HIV/AIDS from reaching people in these countries, spearheaded by Western pharmaceutical companies... Read more

Fire In The Blood - Movie Reviews

Indian Express
Director: Dylan Mohan GrayWhy are millions of AIDS-infected patients dying in Third World countries when there is affordable treatment available? Because they are poor. That is the simple answer, but I urge you to listen to the complex and uncomfortable q
Fire In The Blood
There are moments in Fire in the Blood that can make an Indian intensely proud. In a country that seems to lack leaders and role models, Fire in the Blood presents a figure who is classically heroic, in the mould of David who took on and beat Goliath.
First Post
"If one death is a tragedy, and one million deaths a statistic, then this film is about statistics," says narrator William Hurt with cloaked irony as the film opens
Mumbai Mirror
makes you angry, very angry!
India Today