Free Birds (2013)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Plot: Reggie the turkey has always been afraid of Thanksgiving because turkeys have always been on the menu, but his attempts to warn his farm-based flock constantly fall on deaf ears and has made him an outcast. When the other turkeys finally realize what is going on, they throw Reggie outside... Read more

Free Birds - Movie Reviews

This is an animated film that has super-high end technology, but no heart or soul to drive it.
`Free Birds` is an animated, Thanksgiving themed timetravel adventure film. It is the story of the first Thanksgiving meal from the perspective of the turkeys and their desperate attempt to get the first Turkey, off the Thanksgiving menu.
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Free Birds has a couple of laughs and if you don’t think too much, you might not even find it predictable, writes Paloma Sharma.