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Review Summary: Gentleman is a decent attempt at a romantic thriller, which basically gets the romance part right but screws up the thriller part with some obvious twists

Average Critic Rating: (2.91)
Cast: Nani , Surabhi , Niveda Thomas
Director: Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Release Date: 17 Jun 2016
Est. Budget: 10.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 32.0 CR

Plot: Aishwarya, the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, boards a flight back to Hyderabad from the United States. Catherine, a visual effects designer returning from a month-long workshop, boards the same flight in London. To help pass the time, they share their love stories. Catherine explains that she is in a Read more

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GENTLEMAN - All Reviews

A good thriller movie with an engaging storyline. All the commercial elements well balanced. Cinematography, the productions values, editing etc. are promising. Nani has got another feather into his hat with this movie. His brilliance in delivering two shades of a person is to be appreciated. Nivetha Thomas is to get good praises. The director has succeeded in keeping the audience engaged.
The movie is engaging right from the beginning till end
Shekhar H Hooli, International Business Times
A thriller with a difference, 'Gentleman' gives a high at a stretch while watching the second half. Fine performances aside, it is technically of superior quality.
Watch Gentleman; it’s not often that a filmmaker trusts the intelligence of his audience. Little things matter, like not translating every small Tamil sentence spoken in Kodaikanal. He knows his viewers will understand in context. The Kodai sequence, in a way, is a reminder of Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha where his lead characters opt for a live-in before getting married. Only, this is more mainstream.
The Hindu
draganti came up with a simple story which has similarities to several films in the past but managed to keep it interesting with good screenplay. Indraganti narrates the film in the way the twists are revealed at the right places with thriller elements occasionally. The first half of the film is okay with the two love tracks and things get spiced up only towards the interval bang.
He could have tightened the story and screenplay with more interesting twists as nothing happen in first half. Slow pace of the film, lack of comedy are the drawbacks. Songs acted as speed breakers and pretty average.
Gentleman is Mohanakrishna Indraganti'€™s most ambitious project, and arguably, among his best
Then Manisharma elevates many sequences with his good backgrounds score. “Gentleman” is a mixed bag. Surprising interval bang, some good suspense elements in the second half, comedy by Vennela Kishore and more importantly Nani’s performance have worked out well. But the movie also many issues like dull pace, not-so- interesting twist, predictable climax.
Director could have done away with the songs in the second hour that comes as speed breakers. A slow paced first half is the main issues with this film. If you patiently sit through till the interval, then you are in for a thrill ride for sure. Gentleman Nani has another winner on hands.
The story of the film is very unique, which is a cool romantic thriller. The twists and turns in the story, with lot of suspense till the end is very interesting. Even though the first half is slow with few boring aspects, the second half keeps the audience engaging. Overall, Gentleman is an enjoyable thriller film.
Gentleman is a decent attempt at a romantic thriller, which basically gets the romance part right but screws up the thriller part with some obvious twists
H Shivkumar, Bollywood Life
Gentleman has a good plot point and a suspense factor. First half is filled with a couple of love stories which should have been more engaging. Second half goes into a serious mode of unveiling the mystery. Vennela Kishore’s comedy in second half provides entertainment. Plus points are plot point, Nani and suspense in second half. On the flip side, unengaging first half and slow-paced narration might dampen the experience. On a whole, Gentleman is a suspense thriller and offers something different for regular movie goers.
Gentleman has few good moments here and there but at the end, you get an ‘average’ feel. The movie however is definitely a one time watch, try it in your leisure!
Nani’s brilliant double role is the highlight of a rather slow first half!
H Shivkumar, BollywoodLife
'Gentleman'- Movie picks up just before interval and ends nicely. A neat thriller that has another winning performance from Nani. Niveda and Manisharma have perked up the proceedings. The twist lacks novelty but still it makes a decent watch.
All in all, ‘Gentleman’ is just an average flick with disproportionate, immature and imbalanced narrative. It falls somewhere via-media in romantic-family-emotional-drama and thriller wherein basic, fundamental principles have gone missing inviting a 2.5 star rating. Commercially, we need to wait for the final verdict from audience.
On the whole, Gentleman is one of Nani’s best performances till date. Time and again, he is upping the ante by doing interesting projects and this film falls in the same league. Icing on the cake is Nivedha Thomas’ brilliant performance and the suspense factor. The film will hold strongly especially in the A centres. Finally, if you manage the a slightly slow first half, Gentleman will entertain you decently with its thrills.
This movie begins with a flight journey of Surabhi and Nivetha Thomas and they both sharing their love stories with each other. Love story of Gautham and Catherine is simple but has necessary depth added to it. Love story of Jai and Aishwarya is good and interesting. Movie hies into emotional and suspenseful mode after the flash back of love stories end. Intervel comes where Catherine starts investigating Gautham death mystery after being helped by Journalist payed by Sri Mukhi. Additional characters start coming in with the second half and movie becomes more suspenseful.
Gentleman movie is a good effort with a class touch. Due to the nature of the story, second half slowed down with murder investigation. However, the director succeeded in maintaining good twists in the story. Due to lack of commercial elements in second half, overall impression ends at “average”. Gentleman will open to positive talk, will need to wait and see how it fares at Box Office. An easy watch for your free time viewing
This interesting story is written by David Nathan.Director Mohankrishna Indraganti presented well the story with a strong script and direction.This Astha Chemma and Golconda High School director again succeeded in presenting the story with interesting twists.Nani presented his role with ease.Niveda and Surabhi are not only glamorous but proved their talent with good action.Avasarala Srinivas made his presence felt with good and neat comedy.
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