Gabbar Singh (2012)

Telugu 2 hrs 33 mins Comedy, Action
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 6
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Average Critic Rating: (3.42)
Cast: Pawan Kalyan , Shruti Haasan
Director: Harish Shankar
Release Date: 11 May 2012

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When Gabbar Singh enters the lawless village of Kondaveedu, the villain stops his criminal activities and instead starts living in perpetual terror.  It is because our hero turns a selfstyled law-breaker himself, hating to be called a hero and loving to describe himself a villain, ever so trigger-happy from the word go, living up to the image of 'All-India Hyper Singh' every bit.  With due respect to Salman Khan and at the risk of offending his fans, let us say this: If Sallu bhai watches Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh, he might be tempted to remake this movie!  In the last decade, only one director knew how to bring out the innate excellence in the actor - that is Vishnuvardhan, who helped Pawan deliver a restrained and mature performance in Panjaa.  Six months after that neat act remained under-rated, Harish Shankar unleashes a different Pawan, every inch new, domineering and majestically massy.  In his career's first full-fledged mass entertainer, Pawan bottles up arrogance, style and class in the way he walks, talks or expresses.
India Glitz
Better watched when the theatres are still noisy, the noise might help you past the not so good scenes, when every sigh and move of the hero is cheered on heart fully, it is a nice theatre to be in
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
Gabbar Singh - Power star is back and with a bang!
Ee ‘Thikka’ Ki ‘Lekka’ Kattalenidhi!!
Great Andhra
A must watch film says sources and first show audience. Shruthi Hassan as Bala fits well and does some peppy numbers along with Power star. Pawan Kalyan dance is superb, first two songs 'Dekho Dekho Gabbar singh', second song 'Akasam Ammayaithe' are excellent. The comedy track is hilarious and is well blend in the film. 'Antakshari' in Police Station in the second half is going to rock you off the seats say experts. In a nutshell Gabaar Singh is comedy in first half and action entertainer in the second half. The costumes are good and Pawan Kalyan is looking handsome, dashing and dynamic. The picturization of songs is hilarious. Choreography is outstanding. The screenplay of the movie is so good that it flows like that without making anyone feel bored. The mother sentiment in the movie touches the emotional chords of the viewers
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
First half of the film is highly entertaining. Second half has some story. Looks like this film is made with the sole purpose of entertainment with a workable script. Pawan Kalyan’s inbuilt mannerism and attitude and merged perfectly by the character written for him. The film has 80% Pawan Kalyan and 20% rest of the cast. Plus points of the film are Pawan Kalyan’s never-before entertainment, Harish Shankar’s dialogues and characterization. The negative points are hurried climax and inadequate screenplay in the second half. The hero is more powerful than villain, hence the hero vs villain thread is weak. On a whole, Gabbar Singh is a good mass entertainer and will satisfy fans and general crowds alike who have been expecting a good entertainer from Pawan Kalyan over a decade.
Idle Brain