Gandhi To Hitler (2011)

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Review Summary: On the whole GANDHI TO HITLER fails to connect.

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Plot: The film is set during World War II and centres upon the letters written by Mohandas Gandhi (Avijit Dutt) to Adolf Hitler (Raghubir Yadav), and around the relationship of Hitler with his long-term lover Eva Braun (Neha Dhupia), whom he married in his final days in the Berlin bunker in... Read more

Gandhi To Hitler - Movie Reviews

What’s the point of a film where you don’t understand the point of the film? This vague, self-important film is an assault.
On the whole GANDHI TO HITLER fails to connect.
Bollywood Hungama
The film captures Hitler’s last days which he spent hiding in a bunker while the Allied Forces closed in on Berlin at the end of World War ll.
Times of India
One strand of the film – it deals with a group of runaway Indian soldiers stranded in Germany during the War – could have yielded a full-fledged drama. But Gandhi to Hitler botches up this sub-plot by throwing in a half-hearted love story about a young Ga
Gandhi To Hitler portrays the final days of Hitler when he was hiding in a bunker in Berlin after his downfall. The film also shows the relationship that he shared with his associates, his paranoia, his insecurities during those days. Gandhi To Hitler tal
This was pretty much a short review in a twitter format that one person sitting right behind me remarked once the end credits started rolling for 'Gandhi To Hitler'. He couldn't have summed it better than these five words as 'Gandhi To Hitler' is exactly what the gentleman commented 'Random'!
India Glitz
As per the trailers, promos, title of the movie we already knows that the movie is something about Adolf Hitler and something about Mahatma Gandhi. It also portrays that the movie might tells us about the two perspectives, one which Gandhi has by its own
Movie Zadda
  Shedding light on the movie the film is set in a historical backdrop.   When  commercial movies are  striving to mark their presence in the box office list , the director of the movie tried to come up with a s tory of relevant importance to the society.
Gandhi To Hitler is devoid of any reason to watch it. All that's left at the end is the angry audience who is put through such ridicule of History.
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You could skip it!
Bharat Student