Garam Masala (2005)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Comedy
58 %
Total Reviews: 7
Sahi: 4 Nahi: 3

Review Summary: You'll just have to put an end to this Raas Leela, a character finally expresses what the audience is itching for all through this longish visual limerick on leggy Lolitas limping in and out of Casanova Akshay Kumar's suspiciously large home and he

Average Critic Rating: (3.04)
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Plot: Garam Masala ( Hindi : गरम मसाला, translation: Hot Spice ) is a 2005 Bollywood comedy film directed by Priyadarshan, it is a partial remake of Priyadarshan's own Malayalam movie Boeing Boeing. The film stars Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Rimi Sen, Neha Dhupia, Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav. It was... Read more

Garam Masala - Movie Reviews

The Jains of Venus and director Priyadarshan created hungama with hungama first and hulchul with hulchul last November.
When you have the 'hot' Akshay Kumar and 'cool' John Abraham in your movie, what else can you call it except Garam Masala?
Finally one gets a chance to watch the most awaited Diwali release GARAM MASALA. After hundreds of webpage and newsprint being dedicated for this Venus production, there has been extraordinary hype around the movie. Would it be Priyadarshan's hat trick after 'Hungama' and 'Hulchul'? How does Akshay-John chemistry look on screen? Will Paresh Rawal do it again? Would it take the best initial amongst the two other releases? Will it break the 'No Entry' record?
India Glitz
Another Priyadarshan comedy…has to be worth your time right? Not with Garam Masala. Priyadarshan is known by many as a “master storyteller” but his fame is short-lived throughout this rather outlandish tries-to-hard comedy. It’s no doubt that he struck ou
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