Ghoul (2018) (2018)

Hindi Horror, Mini Series, Drama
89 %
Total Reviews: 9
Sahi: 8 Nahi: 1

Review Summary: 'Ghoul' is smart, taut and a twisty story. A welcome entry in an under-mined genre.

Average Critic Rating: (3.44)
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Plot: Nida Rahim is a newly produced military officer who is fiercely loyal to the authoritarian regime and does not hesitate to even report her own father for misconduct. She is appointed at a covert military detention centre to interrogate Ali Saeed, a recent prisoner. However, he turns the tables on... Read more

Ghoul (2018) - Movie Reviews

Radhika Apte Plays A Conflicted Soul As Only She Can
An average horror with a haunting twist
Netflix's New Show Is A Much-Needed Antidote To The Boisterous Nationalism Engulfing Bollywood
Huffington Post
Ghoul is a gloriously depraved work that says “f*** it” to the idea of combating fascism through debate or kindness, opting instead to quench our baser instincts through horrifying comeuppance
An apt depiction of dangers of majoritarian political rule amid horror ambience
IWM Buzz
India Finally Finds Its Voice Of Horror!
Koi Moi
In this terrifying dystopian world divided by religion, Radhika Apte plays a convincing interrogation officer.
The News Minute
Radhika Apte's Bloody Skirmish With The Devil Himself Is A Gripping Tale But Lacks Pace
The death-chant tells us that in a world of sensible generals, fast-talking bureaucrats, and well-meaning citizens, prophecy may still be a talent conferred exclusively upon the insane.