Govindudu Andarivadele (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 40 mins Drama, Family
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Story is not a new in industry but audience will watch it for a feel good entertainer. Ram charan done a good jog and he look dam cool in this movie. Kajal is very hot in Ra Raakumaraa song. minus points are comedy is entirely missing in first half.
Govindhudu Andarivadele is good film in recent times, Family audience will like this film. Forget logic's you will enjoy it and finally one thing i can say Gav is not like regular commercial cinema.
ishna Vamsi goofed up in totality with an old fashioned and time worn execution. Despite Charan made constant faithful effort to make GAV a special film in career, this isn’t so. If needed to finger point, Krishna Vamsi demonstrated how pathetically his taste has gone wrong these days. He seems to staunch and lethargic to come out of his own spider’s web. There is zero temperament seen in KV to contemplate a new format of story telling. Instead he borrowed a bit from Aththarintiki Daaredi, a bit from his own Murari or a bit from Seetharamayya Gaari Manavaralu and the list goes might go unending. In contempt of all such unbelievable lifting, KV failed to amuse the audience.
Finally, Govindhudu Andari Vaadele is a good family entertainer with emotional connect despite the missing of the WOW factor. With this Charan is expected to break the 8th film jinx.
Krishna Vamsi has touched the an excellent subject in Govindudu Andari Vaadele and made sure that there is something for every class of audiences. The script of the film has potential to become a classic if executed well by taking time. But the output look inconsistent and hurried up. The heart touching content makes you eyes moist and there is entertainment too. Ram Charan should be commended to do a pure family drama when comedy and entertainment is ruling the roost.
Amidst the flood of commercial potboilers filled with masala, this film comes as a breath of fresh air due to its clean and neat entertainment. The first half goes smoothly with elements of some comedy, romance and action. The interval bang was quite promising. The second half is more on the emotional note and some scenes are heart rendering.
This movie is a family entertainer ,but this type of stories were shown in multiple movies in the past. Expect for the brilliant cinematography and some touching scenes, there is nothing new in this movie to watch. Ram Charan, Prakash Raj and Jayasudha were the best thing to watch in the movie for their expressions and action.
Business Of Tollywood
A fresh wave of good talk amidst few mixed and negative talk ventures
GAV is a perfect film for this festive season that is targeted at the family crowds. GAV doesn't have elements that pleases the youth and masses as director sticks to the genre. It has strong content, superb performances and good music to win the audiences hearts. Range of the film will depend on how mass audience and youngsters respond to it.
GAV is out and out Krishna Vamsi film that celebrates the life with full of love, morals and entertainment in a balancing way.Govindudu Andarivadele travels in an acceptable pace. Yet, the first half of the movie is bit slow compared to counter part. All the sentiment scenes are intense on screen, while comedy seems cooked-up.
Delivering family oriented feel-good movies isn’t new for Krishna Vamsi, but conveying such stuff with a highly rated and successful star hero of masses is something new. Ram Charan is a wonder at box office as his mammoth image draws heavy crowds even for average content. This duo has now proved that they could do ‘magic’ by showcasing something audiences haven’t seen so far. Govindudu Andarivadele simply enthralls you in the first half and second half is spellbinding with heavy emotions.
Govindhudu Andhari Vadele™ is a nice emotional drama that can be watched with your entire family this Dussehra
GAV is not a best work from Krishna Vamsi like his previous classics Ninne Pelladatha, Murari, but he made a clean family entertainer in current posh trend
Krishna Vamsi is adept at handling family entertainers. Some of his movies like 'Ninne Pelladatha', 'Murari' etc have remained as classics.Once again Krishna Vamsi proved himself as Best family Entertaining Director.He has own style of family dramas but in GAV he molded every scene in new style.By Govindudu Andarivadele Ram charan can go closer to family audien. Ram charan had perfect skills used by Krishna Vamsi.
Admittedly Govindudu Andarivadele is not a blatant version of Attarintiki Daredi, Sita Ramaiya Gari Manavaralu.. etc as you might be thinking. But it takes its basic elements from the same, changes the settings to village characters then adds all the Telugu gimmicks to it in order to make it a special spicy dish ready to be served to its viewers starving from sometime. In true words, this was a good choice of point by Krishna Vamsi to be presented before us following his own style of film making. Govindudu Andarivadele can be rated as clean family entertainer. This kind of films are very rare in recent times, go grab your tickets.
Ramcharan looks stunning and stylish in the film and the first half makes you feel that he performed Abhi’s character with ease. Kajal Agarwal is beautiful, glamorous and performed well in the romantic frames. Prakash Raj is excellent and his performance and character will be remembered. Srikanth stuns everyone with his performance and comedy. Jayasudha, Kota, and the rest of the cast have done justice for their respective roles.
Govindudu Andarivadele
I Luv Cinema
Credit must be given to Krishna Vamsi who elevated the acting talent of Ram Charan. Songs are well shot by highlighting the traditions still prevalent in villages. It all depends on how Ram Charan's fans and masses receive this film. No commercial elements and lack of commercial inputs make it difficult for the film to gain acceptance of masses unlike other films.
Govindudu Andarivaadele’ is the kind of film we always expect from Krishna Vamsi. It’s based on family values and human emotions that’s been missing in Today’s busy lifestyle. Though the story isn’t afresh, its the screenplay which makes you glued to the screen. KV is a master at bringing the best out of his artistes and he deserves credit for exploring the unseen dimension in Ram Charan.
'Govindudu Andarivadele' is an earnest attempt to dish out a clean family entertainer
Bollywood Life
The movie does offer though is some feel good melodrama and production values that are more rich than original
The Times of India
Govindudu sentimental preaching’s of family values will appeal only to family viewers.
With Govindudu Andarivadele, it is once again proved that Krishna Vamsi is a master at making family entertainers. He brings out stunning human relationships, and sketches an entertaining family drama. Charan’s career best performance, Kajal’s glamour and superb performances from the supporting cast, make this film a must watch for the entire family.
A Heart-Touching Family Drama!
AP Today
Abhi Ram [Ramcharan] is an NRI who stays with his Father and Sister in London. Abhi loves culture and values family a lot. One fine day he comes to know from his father’s family in India and finally lands there. Abhi manages to become a part of the family without revealing his identity and he becomes an important member of his family. The rest of the story is about the mistake done by his father and will Abhi rectify the mistake and fulfil his father’s dream winning his family’s support
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Good writing, balanced acts, Cherry's new avatar (career best, acting-wise)- GAV packs them all along with the redoubtable talents, Prakash Raj and Jayasudha. Nothing novel story-wise, but with Dasara season on, brace up for a blockbuster.
It is a perfect family fare and a great film for this festive season
With Govindudu Andarivadele, it is once again proved that Creative Director Krishna Vamsi is a master at making family entertainers. He brings out stunning human relationships, and sketches an entertaining family drama. Charan’s career best performance, Kajal’s glamour and superb performances from the supporting cast, make this film a must watch for the entire family.
If anyone of you have missed “Seetha Ramayya Gari Manavaralu”, ” Attharintiki Daaredi” , “Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana” , you can go to “Govindu Andari Vaadele” and feel those above mentioned movies. If not, just go watch it for Cherry’s real time acting, Prakash Raj’s routine ,yet nice performance and boys for Kajal’s glamour.
It is a perfect family fare and a great film for this festive season
There are plenty of niggling issues, the most cringe-worthy being the Srikanth-Kamalinee episode following which Srikanth is rightfully ousted from the family. Also, Ram Charan taunting Kajal with her pub photographs would, ideally, amount to harassment. What happens to the villain gang? And pray, which village house has a wooden bridge on ropes, which seems mounted just so that Charan can save a little girl and win the heart of the family members. But the film’s biggest drawback is it is soppy, melodramatic climax.
The Hindu
Good writing, balanced acts, Cherry's new avatar (career best, actingwise)- GAV packs them all along with the redoubtable talents, Prakash Raj and Jayasudha.  Nothing novel story-wise, but with Dasara season on, brace up for a blockbuster.
India Glitz
But the film has one major flaw. Krishna Vamsi repeats the rape scene concept from the 1980s, which might not go too well with the audiences of today. Bangari character actually tells Chitra that if he rapes her, his father would get them married. And coming from an award-winning director, this is quite surprising even if he intended to establish the love Bangari had for Chitra.
This is an old story with old format, but don™t go with high expectations
Deccan Chronicle
he film gave equal importance to family, tradition and romance, with all the important characters getting a decent exposure. Due to the vibrant visuals, terrific song videos and the haunting cultural feel that Director Krishna Vamsi imparted with his powerful conceiving of scenes, GAV is the star at the moment. GAV is going to be full-pledged family entertainer that could spin a box-office magic. This is a must watch film for the entire family in this Dussehra season.
GAV is a perfect film for this week and the film has all the expected things in it. The film is realistic and natural and we could relate ourselves to the story. GAV has a bunch of actors and everyone has proved that they could easily get into these simple and daily seen characters and the film is a Krishna Vamshi’s classic. The film will make you laugh, cry, realize many things. But we still find that there is some betterment missing in it. The film has a loosely written script and the film runs on a smooth screenplay which will not make you feel bored.