Great Grand Masti (2016)

Hindi Comedy
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Total Reviews: 29
Sahi: 3 Nahi: 26

Review Summary: Great Grand Masti is very unfunny.

Average Critic Rating: (1.45)
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Est. Budget: 40.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 12.0 CR

Plot: The film features three friends Amar,Meet and prem who always want fun(Masti) The film begins with the title song where three friends get married with Sapna,Rekha and Nisha at the end of the song. Then the story shifts six years later. Troubles faced by the three friends after getting married... Read more

Great Grand Masti - Movie Reviews

So on an overall basis, ‘Great Grand Masti’ is funny in minimal parts followed by lots of vulgar scenes and topped by mediocre melodrama. Though, its bit light balderdash in comparison to films like ‘Guddu Ki Gun’ or ‘Mastizaade’.
Cine Markets
Great Grand Masti has all the regular trappings to satisfy the average adult comedy aficionado. But if you expect even the slightest amount of grace and intelligence in your cinema, you’ll have to look away. This is pure cheeky fun. Meant only for those who enjoy innuendos.
Amar, Meet and Prem are back on the screen with the third instalment of their almost sexcapade. This time it is set in a haunted house. But no matter what the setting is, the comedy remains shallow: the jokes do not go beyond buxom women and male genitalia. It could have been very funny had they aimed at 'Carry On' series, but they do not go beyond bad Whatsapp jokes.
Since my rating for Maastizaade was zero, this will have to be less than zero, you have been warned
Film Companion
Offensively unfunny, grating thing which should not be allowed to call itself a film
Indian Express
For those who have a taste in adult comedies, Great Grand Masti is a fun weekend watch and one of the better ones we've seen this year
The Times of India
It settles for plain dull and boring
Rajeev Masand
The music of Great Grand Masti is unpretentious and doesn't try to be something different from what the genre actually demands
Bollywood Hungama
Lechery gets a fitting response in ‘Great Grand Masti’
Watch it for comic 'ghost' track
Box Office Capsule
A silly, frivolous film
Santa Banta
"Gaon mein wow.""Maska pav.""Meeow."These dialogues in the film are inane, and so is the film. But then, that is what Great Grand Masti is all about
Great Grand Masti is an effort to degrade us
Hindustan Times
It never pretends to be what it cannot be, but some care and consistency taken over the writing would have made this one really fun
India West
ना ग्रेट है, ना ग्रैंड है और ना ही मस्ती है
Aaj Tak
Great Grand Masti is not a film. It is an embarrassment.
Bollywood Life
Expect masti, but neither great nor grand.
Book My Show
GREAT GRAND MASTI fails to capitalize on the strong franchise value on the account of poor script which hardly offers any masti or entertainment
Bollywood Hungama
Comparatively speaking the audio score of Great Grand Masti is better than that of the last edition
Glam Sham
GREAT GRAND MASTI - The third installment of the hit MASTI (2004) followed by a much bigger hit GRAND MASTI (2013) is a disgusting testimony on how far (read low) a filmmaker can go for mass consumption
नाम के बिल्कुल अपोजिट है 'ग्रेट ग्रैंड मस्ती
The mother-in-law is convinced that her late husband would be born again into the family and for this, she is guided by a fraud astrologer, Antakshri Baba (Sanjay Mishra), who will decide the time Amar and Sapna should get physical.
It would be useful only if worn over the head, covering your eyes and ears
Mumbai Mirror
Great Grand Masti has achieved what thousands of bad films couldn’t. It’s that one film you will remember for the rest of your life.
Great Grand Masti is neither great nor grand, and it doesn't have any masti elements either,
Great Grand Masti is a ghoulishly unfulfilled and terribly ironic follow-up to the bawdy MASTI series
Glam Sham
Ultimately Great Grand Masti comes across as nothing more than a joke on the viewers
The Hindu
Three times zero is still zero
Catch News
Loaded with sexual references, the film would be fun watch for those who like risqué jokes and sleazy stuff.