Gundello Godari (2013)

Telugu 2 hrs 11 mins Romance, Adventure, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.73)
Cast: Aadhi Pinisetty , Lakshmi Manchu
Director: Kumar Nagendra
Release Date: 08 Mar 2013

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‘Gundello Godaari’ is a commendable effort from Lakshmi Manchu. The movie has its share of strengths and weaknesses. A brilliantly shot flooding sequence, good cinematography and a nice first half work in the film’s favour.
With tragedy piled up on inhumanity, Gundello Godari is a wellexecuted and ordinarily written film.  Watch it for the technical values, realistic characters and the simplicity writ that is write large.
India Glitz
Good first half with slow second half will surely tests the patience of the audience.Scenes between Lakshmi Manchu and Sundeep Kishan is quite boring in the second half.Tapsee in entertaining way is good in the film while Aadi plays an important part in the movie.
The filmmaker has used the landscape as another character in itself. The cinematographer used the pristine landscape of Godavari - in all light conditions from sunrise to pitch darkness - brilliantly to add an emotional depth to the proceedings.
The efforts that were put in by the art director needs applause for sure. Aadhi and Sundeep Kishan's acting was pretty natural. They suited the characters of remote village lads very well.
The film is arriving as a bilingual in Telugu and Tamil but then this would most likely appeal a lot to the Tamil audience. The first half goes about in an interesting manner with some interesting sequences while the second half gets a bit dull.
Director Kumar Nagendra many times spoke about 'Titanic' and his efforts are seen in the film. Godavari in floods was shown beautifully and graphical work is more natural. First half is good and second half gets into emotions and would have been handled in more efficent way.
There are so many positives about Gundello Godari. The first thing, which needs to be mentioned is cinematography. The flood scenes were shot so splendidly that it left wow expressions on faces of many people.
Overall, Gundello Godari is a wonderful attempt by Kumar Nagendra. It has superb performances by lead actors and excellent production values. This romantic entertainer will certainly live up to the expectations that it had created prior its release.
It’s been a long time since we saw a good and a strong heart warming story on the silver screen. Any film that comes these days has youth jumping and screaming around and fleshing out characters that are completely in love with each other.
‘Gundello Godaari’ is a commendable effort from Lakshmi Manchu. The movie has its share of strengths and weaknesses. A brilliantly shot flooding sequence, good cinematography and a nice first half work in the film’s favour.
The story revolves between Malli (Aadi) and Chitra (Lakshmi), a newly wed couple and the way floods bring shock in their lives. Malli and Chitra would be leading a contented life in a small village near Rajamundry during 1986. Malli is a fisherman whose only aim will be to purchase fishing boat. Malli and Chitra both have love stories in their past. They reveal those stories to each other when they get convinced that they can't escape from the wild floods..
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Only those who love that dialect will like the film, but what about the rest? Go for the film if you are fond of nature and in particular have a fetish for Godavari waters Even those expecting something from Ilayaraja will be upset
Telugu Mirchi
Gundello Godari, sure does, goes off the beaten track. Like the river Godari, it looks beautiful but unlike the river, this movie lacks depth. An interesting romantic track in the first part of movie, good cinematography, and Tapsee's charm are submerged by the lethargic second half. Yet, watch it for the commendable effort.
Gundello Godari lead role Adi basically a telugu hero. He is coming with Gundello Godari Film after long time. Movie starts with an exceptional flood scene and it follows the flash back of the Adhi untill the interval. The most excellent things in first half are sizzling Taapsee.
The film had its share of hiccups and delays before it has released and at one point not many remembered it. Now that it has come the primary theme that it is based on the backdrop of Godavari floods caught the interest.
The beauty of Gundello Godaari lies in its scripting. Kumar Nagendra, who wrote the script and directed the film, does a fabulous job in terms of etching out the characterisations for all the four lead actors. Cinematographer Palani Kumar captures the beauty of the region quite well and Ilayaraja’s music strikes the right chord.
Director Kumar Nagendra needs appreciation for his commendable efforts trying out a distinct rural backdrop film which isn’t routine. The first half of the film is good with cinematography, music and taking standing out. Aadhi and Tapsee’s story keeps entertaining you while the interval bang is okay though the film moves at slow pace.
The plot of the film is very simple and the director just tries to narrate the film without any hiccups. He takes his time to establish the character and finally deals it with them in a very predictable way.
The film is set against the backdrop of 1986 Godavari floods. Many had lost their homes and livelihoods in that awful incident and the movie depicts destruction and pain caused by this natural disaster. It revolves around two love stories, which show how the lives of four people had changed with the tragedy.
This film is a failure on so many levels, beginning with the story, which could have been told in a montage of solid eight minutes, using images. The screenplay is amateur and looks largely improvised as they went along, the director must have just written this, “Two people, try to bury their past, forget it and move on”.
Film being made on real life incidents of 1986 Godavari floods, Lakshmi acting and producing it, Telugu hero Adhi entering Tollywood after long time, Taapsee who is struggling to stick her place in film industry, on top of it legendary musician Ilaiyaraaja's music
‘Gundello Godaari’ is complete show of Aadi and Tapsee. After completion of their Love track nothing felt in the movie. Watch once for their romantic love scenes.
The story has a lot of depth and the movie was shot in a very artistic manner which explains the lack of typical entertainment. The movie has a dark and tragic narrative ending with a positive hope for the future. The story explores the lives of the two protagonists who have been subject to pain and suffering by people in their lives.
Unfortunately,Cinema is largely about telling a good story and we have a long way to go
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
The director had failed to weave the story well between the four people involved. The technical departments are taken good care of but the all important narration is neglected which eventually tests the patience of the audience with its snail pace.
Director with his titanic mind set completely ignored the direction and screenplay part. As such there are many unwanted scenes which are included and had he edited and worked on the script and narration with stress on visual effects film could have been on another orbit.
Manchu Lakshmi performed in a beautiful manner as a village belly. Tapsee though confined to first half spellbound all with her glamor and she is ok in acting. While Aadi is OK, Sandeep is a mismatch to Manchu Lakshmi. His acting is also not up to the mart.
Tamil flavored Telugu film
Great Andhra
Gundello Godari is a bold attempt with new plot of story which is different from movies these days. But the director failed to convince audience with his weak narration. Screen-play is worthy in some scenes. The first half of the movie is good and narration is just a magic.
Striking Soon
Gundello Godari is a love story that is set against the backdrop of 1986 floods of Godavari. It’s a movie with raw emotions and realistic content. It’s very easy to produce and market an eye-candy films with entertainment quotient. But Lakshmi Manchu has taken a brave decision of making a different movie without compromising on any aspect. Plus points of the film are casting, realistic approach, music and technical elements. On the flip side, the second half should have been more arresting. On a whole, Gundello Godari is a brave and sensible effort from Lakshmi Manchu.
Idle Brain
Cinematography is good and music is just average. Ilayaraja's background score is up to the mark but his songs aren't inspiring enough. Editing is alright and the graphics work is fine. Director has spark in him, but he should have paid proper attention to the script. His writing in the second hour marred the chances of Gundello Godari to be a decent film.
Movie starts in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh where Aadhi and Lakshmi Manchu are about to get married. First 10 minutes floods scene has been brilliantly captured by the cinematographer.
Gundello Godari produced by lakshmi Manchu has been completdlong time back but the producers have been looking for an appropriate time to release it. The movie acquires importance primarily for two reasons, one it is a period subject and then the debut director Kumar Nagendra
Overall, the movie will be like a cool breeze coming towards you.You will enjoy every bit of it.A different kind of a movie.Far different from a routine love story.A unique experience for the audience.Completely shot in a village nativity.Flood scenes are shot superbly.A big thumps up!!
Gundello Godari has its pitfalls (we never know who was instrumental for the alliance between Aadi and Lakshmi or what happened to Taapsee) and is painfully slow in places. But all these can be overlooked for the novel effort. The film is worth a watch.
The Hindu
Basic concept revolves around the strong nativity of Godavari delta region and the real essence of low class lives. Story of Kumar Nagendra is so simple dealing in detail with lives of two people and characters surrounding them. Screenplay is definitely appreciable for a novel attempt. As a director Kumar concentrated more on realisitc approach to bring out the emotions in his characters.
On August 15 1986 both Godavari districts witnessed one of the worst ever floods in its history, as 30 lakh cusecs of water drowned the region. It's been 26 years and perhaps for the first time ever - we've had innumerable movies shot and even more dream song sequences set
The Times Of India
Director Kumar Nagendra needs appreciation for his commendable efforts trying out a distinct rural backdrop film which isn’t routine. The first half of the film is good with cinematography, music and taking standing out. Aadhi and Tapsee’s story keeps entertaining you while the interval bang is okay though the film moves at slow pace.
Gundello Godari opens with the scenes of heavy rainfall and the film soon goes into flashback mode, which reveals the love story between Aadi and Tapsee. But the first half gives little hint about the natural calamity and it throws more focus on the love story between two lead pairs.
Ilayaraja’s music is one of the assets of the film and the background score elevates the happenings. Dialogues work well with the mass movie lovers. Cinematography by Palani Kumar is first-class and all the flood scenes are brilliantly captured.