Hathyar (2002)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama

Hathyar - Movie Reviews

Violence is the way of life in Mahesh Manjrekar's Hathyar, a sequel to his 1999 hit Vaastav (which, like Hathyar was also released in the second week of October in 1999).
On the whole there's tremendous curiosity and anxiety to watch the sequel of VAASTAV.
Bollywood Hungama
There is not even a single song of note in the film, this despite its being produced by a music company
Smash Hits
Mahesh Manjrekar has never had a good ear for music. For the most part, his productions concentrate more on content than on music. Usually, he throws in a nice song or two in his films, but nothing noteworthy. That´s why when Venus began production on his
Planet Bollywood
There's trouble in the infernal paradise known as Mumbai's underworld. Filmmakers of every possible creative compulsion are looking aghast at the internecine violence of the gangsters.
Now Running
More than often, sequels to hit films rarely live up to expectations.