Helicopter Eela (2018)

Hindi 2 hrs 11 mins Comedy, Drama
25 %
Total Reviews: 8
Sahi: 2 Nahi: 6

Review Summary: Kajol can't save this sluggish fare called, 'Helicopter Eela'

Average Critic Rating: (2.19)
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Release Date:
Est. Budget: 20.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 4.5 CR

Helicopter Eela - Movie Reviews

Kajol And Riddhi Sen's Film Is A Massive Letdown
When a mother lives for her son, obsesses over him, she forgets that he's grown up and needs his space. Kajol - never before so beautiful - plays a helicopter single mom to Vivan and is so involved with his life that she even joins the same college as he, and makes his life miserable. What could have been a humongous parenting film, is just so frivolously written, that even moments of greatness are reduced to froth
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Too Much Turbulence In This Helicopter Ride
Box Office Capsule
Helicopter Eela is a fun ride that manages to land safely despite some turbulence. Watch this simple and endearing tale of motherly love with your mom in tow.
Times of India
ओवर पजेसिव मां के रोल में नहीं जंची काजोल, कमजोर कहानी में नहीं दिखे कोई इमोशन
Helicopter Eela could have been a good film, but falls short
This Film Needed Helicopter Parenting!
Koi Moi
काजोल की अच्छी फिल्म है हेलिकॉप्टर ईला, फ्लैशबैक से कन्फ्यूजन
Aaj Tak