Hey! Ram (2000)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
100 %
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Average Critic Rating: (4.00)
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Plot: The movie begins at present day with Saket Ram ( Kamal Haasan ), an 89-year-old Hindu man at his death bed. The scene reverts to the past as Saket remembers the 1940s, when he and his good friend, Amjad Ali Khan ( Shah Rukh Khan ) are archaeologists working together... Read more

Hey! Ram - Movie Reviews

At the end of the movie, I walked up to Kamal Haasan and asked him, "What is the kind of reaction you are getting for Hey! Ram?"
KAMAL Hassan’s `experiment with the truth’ does not seem digestible by any standards.
If the music isanything to go by, the film will definitely make interesting viewing.