Hichki (2018)

Hindi 1 hrs 58 mins Drama
64 %
Total Reviews: 22
Sahi: 14 Nahi: 8

Review Summary: 'Hichki' is Rani Mukherji all the way! A gritty inspiring tale.

Average Critic Rating: (2.88)
Release Date:
Est. Budget: 25.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 27.0 CR

Plot: Naina Mathur (Rani Mukherji), an aspiring teacher with a BEd and MSc, suffers from Tourette syndrome. Her condition causes her to make uncontrollable sounds likened to hiccups. Although she has been unsuccessful for the past 5 years in landing a teaching job, she is supported in her ambitions by her... Read more

Hichki - Movie Reviews

Rani Mukerji Gets Full Marks But This Film Is Not A Class Act
It can make you nostalgic about your school days and remind you of your favourite teacher. This one definitely deserves good grades.
Times of India
Rani Mukerji Does Well In A Predictable And Cliched Film
I’m going with three out of five.
Rajeev Masand
I’m going with three out of five.
Rajeev Masand
Take all the underdog students and hero teacher films and add a dose of Right To Education and a give the teacher Tourettes so we also learn to empathise with differently abled people. The film checks all the boxes of stereotypes and yet only a couple of scenes manage to touch you. It's neither Dangerous Minds, nor is it To Sir With Love. Rani Mukherji needed a stronger, smarter script.
Now Running
Hichki's greatest handicaps are its predictability and sentiment
Watch it for Rani, she won't disappoint you. But leaving the cinema hall might make you wonder if this was the best comeback film for her.
Khaleej Times
Rani excels as a teacher fighting Tourette Syndrome yet making a difference
Strongly recommended for teachers and students.
हिचकी' में रानी मुखर्जी की दमदार एक्टिंग, पर स्क्रीनप्ले कमजोर
Aaj Tak
Rani Mukerji is dynamic as the teacher with Tourette syndrome and unruly students
India Today
No sob story, Rani Mukerji is sassy, spirited in this inspiring underdog tale
First Post
Melodrama overpowers Rani Mukerji’s well-intentioned film
Hindustan Times
Rani Mukerji is a delight
The Rani Mukerji film earns an A
Indian Express
HICHKI Is A Missed Opportunity; Watchable Only For Rani Mukerji
Box Office Capsule
Rani Mukerji's 'To Ma'am With Love' hits the mark, hiccups and all
First Post
सिर्फ रानी मुखर्जी के लिए देख सकते हैं 'हिचकी'
Rani Mukerji Gives Us Hiccups Of Love!
Koi Moi
Strongly recommended for teachers and students.
Rani Mukerji's brilliant act is devoid of emotional manipulation
India Today