Hyper (2016)

Telugu 2 hrs 20 mins Romance, Action
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Review Summary: Hyper is a right blend of commercial elements like emotions, comedy, songs, fights and romance in equal dosages

Average Critic Rating: (2.82)
Cast: Ram Pothineni , Rashi Khanna
Director: Santosh D Srinivas
Release Date: 30 Sep 2016

Plot: Surya (Ram) is a carefree youth who lives with his father Narayana Murthy (Sathyaraj). He loves his father and is very protective about him. This obsession often lands him in trouble. A political don (Rao Ramesh) troubles Narayana Murthy to get his signature for a file. Murthy objects for this Read more

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Hyper - All Reviews

The theatrical trailer of the film suggests that it’s about father-son bonding and there is a lot of action orientation. The film too follows suit. Plus points of the film are Ram’s energetic performance and the episodes involving the honesty of government officer. On the flip side, complete mass orientation and loud scenes between Ram and Rao Ramesh might limit the appeal of the film just to masses. On a whole, Hyper is a film made for the masses.
Hyper is a right blend of commercial elements like emotions, comedy, songs, fights and romance in equal dosages
Ajay Mudunuri, BookMyShow
Hyper has nothing new to offer.Over all the film has nothing new and Santosh Srinivas though tried to send good message about honesty and father son relation, his story, screenplay and direction is routine. Only masses can decide on the fate of routine Hyper.
Only For Dad, Rest Is Bad!‘Hyper’ is for those audience who enjoy regular commercial potboilers with a rotten story and beaten to the death screenplay. In the name of commercial elements, Ram and Santosh Srinivas tried every safe abstract available before them. Commercially, ‘Hyper’ might be a safe project if connected with B, C centers.
Hyper is a regular mass movie that is neither quite dismissible nor it is very impressive. Okay movie with entertaining first half.
The director has nicely embedded an important social issue in this mass entertainer
Shekhar H Hooli, International Business Times
Hyper fails to hold your interest and turns into a ham-fest during the second hour. Even hardcore masala lovers would feel that it is an average fare. Others will be looking at the nearest exit during the second half for sure.
The story deals with a cliched premise but the plot jazzes it up with something new
Krishna Vamsi, Indian Express
Hyper is a typical masala entertainer which has some entertaining moments. The interesting narration, Ram and Rao Ramesh’s confrontational scenes and a breezy first half are a huge assets. The film is bound to do well among the masses and the holiday season will surely help the film. If you ignore the slight glitches and predictable storyline during the second half, Hyper makes up for a decent watch this weekend.
Director Santosh proved his talent by directing the film according to the needs of the commercial films. People who love hyper mass will be attracted to the film.
Hyper is a routine commercial entertainer which looks completely predictable throughout
Aravind, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh