Indrudu (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 23 mins Action, Romance, Thriller
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 6
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Average Critic Rating: (2.75)
Cast: Lakshmi Menon , Vishal Krishna
Director: Thiru Krishnamoorthy
Release Date: 20 Jun 2014

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Indrudu - All Reviews

The unique story line and the pace of the movie makes it even more interesting, Thiru succeeded in extracting great performance from his artists
Naga, Telugu Cinema
After the bidding adieu to hot summer, a cool entertainer for film buffs Indrudu Movie Review & Rating was last modified: June 20th, 2014 by Raghu
I Luv Cinema
The songs in the film merely act as a speed breaker in the narrative, extending an already lengthier film by few more minutes. Composer G.V Prakash's background score is reminiscent of tunes from films such as Man of Steel" and "Rush". Richard's cinematography is impressive especially in scenes where we see the use of hand-held camera.(IANS)"
Great Andhra
'Indrudu' stands testimonial to the fact that a simple story that has been milked dry over the years can still be narrated in myriad engaging ways
IANS, Oneindia Entertainment
Final Verdict : 3
RamWadhwani, Chirtamala
'Indrudu' does not fall in that league of films and instead scores an ace for treating narcolepsy the way it is supposed to be portrayed on screen
Indian Express