Insaaf - The Justice (2004)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Sahi: 3 Nahi: 5

Review Summary: Viewers of Hindi cinema will recall that a number of films with a similar...

Average Critic Rating: (2.09)
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Plot: Insaaf: The Justice is a 2004 Hindi Drama film directed by Shrey Shrivastav and produced by Mohammed Fasih.The film features Dino Morea,Sanjay Suri and Namrata Shirodkar as main characters and Rajpal Yadav in a supporting role.... Read more

Insaaf - The Justice - Movie Reviews

Viewers of Hindi cinema will recall that a number of films with a similar...
Bollywood Hungama
Recently, Mehul Kumar made Jaago, based on the real life incident of a man raping a minor in local train compartment.
An interesting story can sometimes miss the mark if the captain of the ship [director] fails to get the message across convincingly.
Mukul Anand was a director whose films usually invented a lot of hype. Insaaf was supposedly meant to be a turning point for Vinod Khanna. Even titles stated "Reintroducing Vinod Khanna". The opening credits reminded me a bit of Shaft and I was expecting
Planet Bollywood
What a terrible film. I had a hunch that "Insaaf - The Justice" may tackle the issue of rape in a sensitive and informative way. Unfortunately, I have been proved wrong.
Planet Bollywood
The deities delight in places where women are revered but what about the places where a woman is raped every six hours and her dignity maligned every second? In the crux of "Insaaf" is standing a traditional married Indian woman who is not only rape
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Director : Music : Starring :Shrey Shrivastava  Nikhil - Vinay  Namrata Shirodkar, Dino Morea, Sanjay Suri, Heena.Subhash K. Jha, IANS     Welcome to the ambit of anarchy. Set in Bihar like "Shool", "Mrityudand", "Gangaajal" and other films on ministerial
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