Iru Mugan (2016)

Tamil 2 hrs 34 mins Thriller, Mystery, Action, Sci-Fi
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Review Summary: Iru Mugan is the result of amazing performances and technical mastery with its fair share of flaws

Average Critic Rating: (2.58)
Cast: Nayanthara Kurian , Nithya Menen , Vikram
Director: Anand Shankar
Release Date: 08 Sep 2016

Plot: A 71-year old Malaysian man suddenly goes ballistic and kills several Indian officers in a span of 5 minutes at the Indian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before collapsing. A tattoo of a love symbol is present at the back of his neck, leading RAW officials to conclude that it Read more

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Iru Mugan - All Reviews

An assorted collection of Harris western melodies
Asok, Studio Flicks
If Anand Shankar's previous film Arima Nambi had echoes of K Bhagyaraj's Rudhra, the set-up of his Iru Mugan recalls that of Kamal Haasan's Vikram
M Suganth, The Times of India
Film is watchable only for Vikram'€™s hard work
Christopher Kanagaraj, Studio Flicks
Iru Mugan is the result of amazing performances and technical mastery with its fair share of flaws
Source, IFlicks
Vikram is the major attraction of the film and his two characters are a treat to watch
Prakash Upadhyaya, International Business Times
The narrative lacks intensity and pace and unfolds rather blandly
S Saraswathi, REDIFF
Iru Mugan is a movie that tests not just the intelligence of the audience but also their tolerance and endurance levels
Source, PipingHotViews
Vikram'€™s Iru Mugan is a stylish and racy entertainer
Sreedhar Pillai, First Post
A sniff of Love'€™s wonder-drug '€˜Speed'€™ is all it takes, to make all these work
Mani Prabhu, iFlickz
Iru Mugan as a sci-fi fails is its failure to explain the science
Krishna Vamsi, Indian Express
Giving this actioner a miss would not be the worst decision, no whistles or anything
Karthika Raveendran, Bollywood Life
If you are a hardcore Vikram/Nayantara fan, this movie might just give the high that you wanted
Sowmya S, Hindustan Times
Anand Shankar couldn'€™t pull of the heavy star cast which seemed like it became a tad much for him to handle
Sajid, Cinema Glitz