Jai Ho Democracy (2015)

Hindi 1 hrs 36 mins Comedy, Political
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Review Summary: Its like a bill in the parliament. Maybe well intention-ed, but ultimately fails to pass!.

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Plot: A freak incident in an Indian camp along the LoC triggers a war of words with their Pakistani counterparts on the other side of the no-man’s land. News of this standoff between the two camps gets leaked to a super-enthu news reporter and in no time, news spreads on national... Read more

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This film, however, comes nowhere close to that. 'Jai Ho Democracy' takes a nosedive in the second half with the lines and the script plummeting to low levels of silliness
Every few months a new film satirizing Indian politics finds its way to our nearest theatre
Jai Ho! Democracy is a hasty uptake of news channels and papers drawn into a skit that's too short on subtext to be a realised satire and too silly to be taken seriously'
Great chance at parody foiled by sentimentality
After all Chaitanya Tamhane's Court is about the monotony of legal proceedings. But it never falls prey to the affliction that it describes
On an overall basis, this movie is just like a parliamentary bill, which is made with noble intentions but ends up being misused.
Moviez Adda
The movie might not bad, but is a definitely boring, confused, bland and dragging, making it more of a koraa kaagaz (blank) type of experience for its viewers.
Moviez Adda
Jai Ho Democracy movie takes a comic look at the way the powers-that-be love to procrastinate and maintain status quo, unfazed by the gravity of situations
Filmi Beat
A chicken, Indo-Pak enmity and all-round buffoonery
First Post
What could have sounded a laugh riot on paper ends up as ridiculous on the big screen
The Hindu
Who is better equipped than veteran theatre practitioner and film writer Ranjit Kapoor to milk it?
The Hindu
On an overall basis, this movie is just like a parliamentary bill, which is made with noble intentions but ends up being misused
Watch it over the weekend!
JAI HO DEMOCRACY is an average film that can be skipped.
Bollywood Hungama
One is disappointed at the sheer waste of a good opportunity and ensemble cast
Is Neither A Comedy Nor A Satire
JAI HO DEMOCRACY was meant to show the farcical side of politics. It turns out being a farce!
Glam Sham
However, the slapstick comedy appears redundant, weird, and monotonous as the movie progresses through the second half, before ending in an implausible climax
Just Bollywood