Jai Sriram (2013)

Telugu Action
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Average Critic Rating: (1.88)
Cast: Reshma Rathore , Uday Kiran Vajapeyajula
Director: Balaji N Sai
Release Date: 12 Apr 2013

Jai Sriram - All Reviews

God only knows what writer meant by that It appears that, the same meaningless line is suitable for this film which will go no where
Telugu Mirchi
Hero Uday Kiran films career has reached to final stages and his shooted films are not in a position to come out from lab due to lack of buyers. In this situation Uday has come before audiences with a noncommercial movie, taking theme of sincere police officer as continuation to Sriram flick. Starting from first frame to end title cards there is zero entertainment in the movie. There will be plenty of scenes which will test your patience‚Äôs and cross checking why you bought ticket for the film. Songs will be popping up one after the other without any requirement in flick. First half is filled with nothing but Uday carrying single expression, bubbly acts from Reshma and without any clue where the story is moving forward. Second half is where you will get to see Uday in police uniform, trying hard to do justice to the role and clarity about the movie plot gets disclosed totally. Some real action stunts are performed by Uday, which lacked soul in them. At last the item song is only relief point and that too gets spoiled with no proper end to the story given in the climax.
Cheruku Raja, AP Herald