Joker (2012)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Review Summary: We have always been fascinated by the power of the unknown. Movie makers too appear...

Average Critic Rating: (2.36)
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Est. Box Office Collection: 21.6 CR

Plot: Agastya ( Akshay Kumar ) is a scientist, working on the development of a communication system, to communicate with aliens. But Agastya loses the faith of his seniors and is allotted with a deadline of one month to conclude his project with some substantial results. In the mean time Agastya is... Read more

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Rajeev Masand
We have always been fascinated by the power of the unknown. Movie makers too appear...
Bollywood Hungama
Maybe you thought star power would make this film work but even Sonakshi Sinha's good luck charm seems to have failed this time.
Yahoo India
The Joker actors look like they’ve walked into a crude indigenized version of a vaudeville performance in the middle of nowhere without quite knowing what they have let themselves into. Akshay Kumar is as good as he can be – and that isn’t all that good.
Cast:Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi SinhaDirector:Shirish KunderIn Joker, directed by Shirish Kunder, Akshay Kumar is cast as a committed NASA scientist. You can laugh now. Very likely it’s the only time you’ll laugh during this disappointing film.Stripped down t
A joke with all the right punches
Or maybe I'm just annoyed he made this movie possible.
Here's a film that had great potential for an equal measure of comedy and drama.
Though the film might not appeal to many, the characters lingers in your heart
Tharai Ticketu
Released on 31-8-’12 at Eros (daily 4 shows), Maratha Mandir (daily 2 shows) and other cinemas of Bombay by UTV Motion Pictures. Publicity: fair, quantitatively speaking, but very poor, qualitatively speaking. Opening: weak. …….Also released all over. Ope
Komals Reviews
The promos were dull, Akshay Kumar disowned the film and there was no hype prior to it’s release. But, amidst all the negativity surrounding Joker, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Director Shirish Kunder’s last film Jaan-e-mann didn’t work at the
Movie set in India isn’t half-bad. An alien spoof movie set in India: sure, that’s even better. A movie about a village of madmen that doesn’t exist on the map: that’s a perfectly good idea, too (especially if we don’t think too hard about the fact that t
First Post
Joker is a film which cautiously fits all ages of this generation
Only Kollywood
It is Guru Somasundaram's fantastic performance that is actually the film's driving force
The Times of India
Shirish Kunder’s ‘Joker’ can be watched on TV sets with small picture tubes but not by those with a narrow imagination.
Yahoo India
Already, the music has become a hit in Kerala.
Joker is an exceptional film that speaks about the realistic issues in our everyday society
Student Life
Agastya invents aliens to help his mad village onto a welfare map. Will the world get his joke?
Times of India
 Ridiculous joke of alien movies, forget it!!
Bharat Student
Okay, okay I know the big question is: Is Joker that bad? Does it go a step ahead (or behind) of Tees Maar Khan as a debacle? Well, the answer is: NO! It is actually an okay film
Joker is a emotional roller coaster ride
Cine Ulagam
'Joker', is easily Sean Roldan's best album in his career so far
Only Kollywood
'Joker' is a film that has been designed for the kids which means one can't be expected to sit down and hunt for much logic in the proceedings.
India Glitz
A courage shines throughout the film in the plot, dialogues and the performances giving a wonderful output on screen
Or, as in the case of Joker, it can be a royal bore.
India Today
A bold and hard hitting political satire
Behind Woods
Joker has plenty of side-content and backstory to keep you constantly engaged
Deccan Chronicle
I won’t drag my review long. With a baseline that sounded interesting enough, I was hoping for a more entertaining and enjoyable fare. Although really not that bad as some are making it out to be, there is no doubt that this Joker could have been funnier.
Bolly Spice
The film completely disappoints vis-à-vis high hopes raised by director Shirish Kunder
Smash Hits
After the disaster of 'Tees Maar Khan', people were not having much expectation from Shirish Kunder and his forthcoming project 'Joker'. However because the lead protagonists and interesting basic plot, it did gave a good dosage of expectations among movi
Movie Zadda
Joker is ham fest at best. A plausible half decent plot which too gets wasted by lunatic antics and buffoonery. Sadly this time around the joke is on the Joker itself.
Now Running
You could skip it!
Koi Moi
Director :Shirish KunderMusic :G.V.Prakash Kumar and Gaurav DagaonkarLyrics :Shirish KunderStarring :Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Minissha Lamba, Shreyas Talpade and Chitrangada SinghAugust 31, 2012 03:40:12 PM ISTBy Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial JO
Glam Sham
Director Raju Murugan manages to deliver an excellent soundtrack yet again, this time from Sean Roldan
Music Aloud
ere's the trailer of the film:
India Today
Raju Murugan has given a film which may not favour many but gives a punch on pretty much the vital matters
Cinema Glitz
This clown fails to make you laugh!
Bollywood Life
Joker is a well knitted story that gets the point across in the most entertaining way possible
Go for it purely for the instrumental tracks.
India Today
Prakash KumarLength: 1 hr 45 mins Book Tickets | See Trailer
pstrongJoker Review In Short/strongbr / An Indian scientist comes up with an elaborate alien hoax to bring development to his remote native place
MSN India
I think shirish kunder and farah khan should get a ban for making movies.
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Various questions arise at the backdrop of the movie as why Akshay maintained distance from the film and what is the actual reason of rivalry between Shirish and AkkiWhy Akshay Kumar like any other film did not promote the movie and disappeared just after
Bollywood Mantra
The film answers it all, beautifully, filled with love, anger and sense