Junooniyat (2016)

Hindi Romance
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Junooniyat - Movie Reviews

The title of this film, the makers remind us helpfully, means obsession. But the only obsession that Junooniyat demonstrates is with giving romance a bad name.
An old-fashioned weepie that barely works
Baradwaj Rangan
The emotional manipulation is alarming
The Hindu
JUNOONIYAT Is Boring Heartless Romantic Flick
Box Office Capsule
Suhani, torn as she is between her family and Jahan Bakshi, realises that she would have to sacrifice her love.
You can choose to skip it.
Friday Moviez
The first half of the film is tolerable courtesy the exotic locations but the second half, with all its drama and sappiness, is just too much to handle
“Junooniyat” is a lacklustre, oft-seen love story, which offers no freshness and not even the zing expected in a romance. It thus appears boring and mediocre.
This one draws a huge blank
The Times of India
Junooniyat is more of a musical than a solid relationship drama
Hindustan Times
A decent attempt to make this love story a one time watch
फिल्म नहीं सीरियल लगती है 'जुनूनीयत'
Aaj Tak
Overall, there isn't really much to see in Junooniyat that hasn't already been seen and done much better in the past. Guess the passion isn't strong enough with this one.
The music of Junooniyat comes across as a good inclusion in the current Bollywood scene
Bollywood Hungama
The same kind of stories may have been overdone in Bollywood films, but it is not a bad story, and those who love romance will lap it up.