KUMARI 21F (2015)

Telugu 2 hrs 15 mins Romance, Drama
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Review Summary: All in all, Kumari 21F is a mixed bag. Its not an interesting film. But its sincere and largely piece of cinema about unconditional love in present day relations.

Average Critic Rating: (2.82)
Cast: Raj Tarun , Hebah Patel
Director: Palnati Surya Pratap
Release Date: 20 Nov 2015
Est. Budget: 20.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 38.0 CR

Plot: Siddhu is a chef leading a middle class life with his mother in K.G.B. colony. His father Ravikanth is accused of having an extra-marital affair that leads to the separation of his parents. Siddhu aims to be a chef on a cruise liner in Singapore and his financial status does Read more

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KUMARI 21F - All Reviews

One expects much from Sukumar's writing, but it is in the end, a Jagadam with Kumari. The climax has something special in store, but it doesn't enrich the narration. Some lines pass muster.
Kumari 21F is not the usual run of the mil movie which is designed to entertain audience. Watching it with such an intent can be disappointing. Also labelling it as a Sukumar film will heighten the expectation. Instead watch the movie for its different depiction and muse over some of the questions that the movie poses. All in all, Kumari 21F is a mixed bag. Its not an interesting film. But its sincere and largely piece of cinema about unconditional love in present day relations.
There is a song in the film titled ‘love cheyala vadda’ in which boy describes a good thing about girl and then narrates the consequence. Thereby questioning the character of the girl. Audiences like me end up having the question - ‘like cheyala vadda?’ after watching the movie. Thereby questioning the essence of the movie. There are brilliant scenes followed by some bold/unconvincing scenes. You love it and you hate it.
Commercially, ‘Kumari’ is going to pay off at Box Office only and only if youth are connected because families should strictly stay out of this hard-hitting rawness from Sukumar. So, Cinejosh gives Kumari a 3 star rating for delivering us a different movie watch experience.
Kumari 21F is a youthful film but entirely different from what we see in this genre. There are dialogues and scenes that will instantly appeal to the youth but there are also some hard hitting and indigestible moments that will leave the audience with mixed feelings after watching it. Even the youth that enjoy the boldness in the first half will be left shocked after seeing the unusual climax.
As expected, Kumari 21 F is a bold attempt from the production house of Sukumar. This youthful entertainer stays true to its genre and is bound to do well with the younger lot. Also, it is high time that film makers attempt hard hitting films like these once in a while. Finally, if you manage to sit through the predictable nature of the script, Kumari 21 F will surely impress you its raunchy moments, lead pair’s performance and a emotional climax.
Hebah Patel was aptly cast for the role Kumari, as she looked bold, energetic and glamorous. Though she felt loud at times because of her body language, it blended in well with her character sketch. Raj Tharun has yet again impressed with high jinks and he played well as a confused youngster.
Sukumar's story highlights the insecurity and possessiveness of a young guy over a girl whom he loves. First half sails through with hero getting attracted towards heroine and then prodded by his friends doubts creeping in his mind. Second half goes on how hero comes to terms with the hard reality. Sukumar penned bold dialogues for the film and highlighted how men find it difficult to accept women as they are and how they doubt their every move if they talk,speak or look at others.
Though the director is Palnati Prathap, every frame exposes Sukumar directional skills. So one can easily identify that, Sukumar is the director along with screenplay writer, producer and story writer of Kumari 21f movie, which was a severe thumbs down.
Expectations of movie lovers increase the moment they hear of Sukumar's story and screenplay. Both are up to the expectations of movie lovers much to their delight. Had director Palnati Surya Pratap included some comedy in the screen play, it could have done wonders. Liplocks and love scenes attract youth.
The movie doesn’t start off promisingly. In fact the first hour, as the movie proceeds, it would be perceived as Jagadam’s heroine’s sleaziness expanded in full-length. Only during the pre-interval the movie takes a big leap and just keeps rising till the end. The last 45 minutes is nothing less than extra-ordinary. Sukumar has greatly crafted the story and unimaginably underlines a great message for the current youngsters. The movie is aptly bold, but that would restrict the audiences to ages 15-35. The sleaziness in the beginning could be seen as the only drawback of the film.
The film is certified with an 'A' for a reason and avoid watching it with family to keep yourself away from embarrassing moments. On the whole, Kumari 21 F is, perhaps, a too forward film for Telugu audience to accept right now but it will surely win the love of urbane youth. Give it a watch if you are a lover of new age love sagas l
The story is set in a lower middle class colony of KGB and the story traces the love story of a boy and girl who are residents of that colony. It also shows the various problems or twists and turns such love stories can have due to the environment that they are in and the kind of people they interact with on a daily basis. In short, apart from their feelings, they also have to deal with a lot of other influences and Sukumar’s latest story highlights this aspect.
The second part of the story is dark, regressive and also sadistic in the portrayal of women with great importance attached to her chastity.It’s only when he spots blood stains on her white sari after his friends rape her that he realises she was indeed a virgin! Soon after, we are bombarded with his uplifted emotions.
The Hindu