Kaaka Muttai (2015)

Tamil 1 hrs 38 mins Children, Drama
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Review Summary: A heartfelt tale of about children and the reality of poverty.

Average Critic Rating: (3.70)
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Plot: In a tiny concrete-and-tin Chennai home live two young brothers with their mother and grandmother. The boys constantly beg their mother and grandmother for toys they can't afford, and even for a television. They don't yet understand that the two women can't give them everything they want. When their mother... Read more

Kaaka Muttai - Movie Reviews

Kaaka Muttai isn’t just for children — actually, some of the humour apart, it’s not for children at all. And it features stunning performances from everyone
Kaaka Muttai isn’t just for children
The Hindu
Overall, with unenhanced visuals that gives a sense of verisimilitude, acting that isn’t staged and dramatized in any obvious sense, and more importantly, characters that bring alive a subsection of the populace, Kaakka Muttai is sure to make you at least a slightly better person than you were before, owing to the reflective power of the film.
Deccan Chronicle
Rush to the nearest theatre and don’t forget to take your children along to witness a slice of life that will fascinate you
India Glitz
If not for anything else, then because Little Crow's Egg's cheeky grin is a treasure you'll store in your memories long after you've left the theatre.
First Post
In his first film, writer-director M Manikandan shows two kids, also first-time actors, in the least child-friendly surroundings
India Today
Just 98 minutes long, this movie is not your usual masala fare and is a breath of fresh air in Tamil cinema.
This is a film, which reminds us that they too are a part of this society and deserve opportunities that so many of us take for granted.
The Hindu
This is undoubtedly one of the best films Tamil cinema will see this year! It offers more than a slice of pizza, it offers us a slice of Kaaka Muttai‘s life! Go for it. It might teach you a thing or two about materialism and your kids about, well, how to be kids!
Kaaka Muttai is a delightful entertainer with a subtle message
Instead of mourning later, do yourself a favor and watch this lovely slice-of-life drama in theaters
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