Kaashi (2018) (2018)

Hindi 2 hrs 5 mins Suspense, Thriller
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Review Summary: Kaashi fails to provoke a sense of storytelling. Wasted effort.

Average Critic Rating: (1.33)
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Plot: The movie is about two siblings, Kaashi (Sharman Joshi) and his sister Ganga. When Ganga goes missing, Kaashi starts the search to find her, but the main challenge begins when people refuse to even believe that Ganga exists. Aishwarya Devan plays a journalist who helps in the search for Ganga... Read more

Kaashi (2018) - Movie Reviews

The film should have been titled, 'Kaashi in search of a sensible story', as there isn’t one here.
Times of India
The Film Is More Polluted Than The City It's Located In!
Box Office Capsule
While He Searches Ganga, I Search For My Will To Survive This Film!
Koi Moi
Kaashi In Search Of Ganga is a treat for insomniacs
कमजोर और बिखरी कहानी है 'काशी: इन सर्च ऑफ गंगा'
Aaj Tak
You can't really care about a brother going to extremes to find his sister if you're not exactly invested in their relationship. The best writing in Kaashi is probably naming the siblings Kaashi and Ganga to establish a relationship of purity and that's not even a very high bar to set. If only there was a singular vision to guide the film
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