Kaisay Kahein (2007)

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Review Summary: The amateur acting by the lead players fails to anchor the story and its substance.

Average Critic Rating: (2.06)
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Kaisay Kahein - Movie Reviews

Mohit Hussein’s direction is workmanlike. Eventually if Kaisay Kahein makes your two hours-plus at the multiplex a bit worthwhile, it’s for Neha Julka who comes up with a sensitive, eye-catching performance. For the rest of the way, it’s Kyon, Kabhi aur K
Hindustan Times 
On the whole KAISAY KAHEIN is a fair attempt but it should've been promoted aggressively.
Bollywood Hungama
The amateur acting by the lead players fails to anchor the story and its substance.
Times of India
Unfortunately the script and screenplay have not been handled efficiently and leads to the film being below averageThe star cast too depicts debutants who do not manage to give credible performances and hence the film suffersThe execution by director Mohi
Bollywood Mantra
Kaisay Kahein ... the film has nothing much going for it and is a blow average film.
Bharat Student
It will go unnoticed and will be non-starter for its muddled and underperformed display
Smash Hits
The lack of a strong marketing campaign, ho hum music and non-presence of big stars will definitely affect the film's business.
There are some films for which curiosity level is near to zilch even till the day of their release. Number of factors contribute to such utter lack of interest in a project. A drab synopsis, below average songs, uninspiring promos, limited publicity and hardly striking visuals. A few looks at the promos and you kind of decide there and then that this is not the kind of movie you want to spend your money on.
India Glitz