Kamalatho Naa Prayanam (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 42 mins Drama
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 6
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Average Critic Rating: (2.33)
Cast: Sivaji , Veda Archana Sastry
Director: Nandi Narasimha Reddy
Release Date: 14 Mar 2014

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Kamalatho Naa Prayanam - All Reviews

Kamalatho Naa Prayanam
India Glitz
This is an complete art film indirectly aimed for awards
Vamshi, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Not all but few songs are good Finally the movie is a trail to get an award using the concept of art and inspiration
Telugu Mirchi
The length and the pace of the film puts one off
Y Sunita Chowdhary, The Hindu
The film is set in 1950s, Kamala Rani [Archana] is call girl in a small time village. Except for body, nobody cares for Kamala which makes her to go in depression. But Kamala is hopeful that one day a man will come who really lovers her rather than her body
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
This movie is set for 50’s and not for 2014
I Luv Cinema