Karle Pyaar Karle (2014)

Hindi 1 hrs 56 mins Action, Romance, Social
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Review Summary: Suneel Darshan's production house is known for casting top of the line stars. The film-maker also has an eye for...

Average Critic Rating: (1.38)
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Plot: This section requires expansion. (December 2013) Karle Pyaar Karle is a love story of two rebels, Kabir and Preet, who are playing the game of their life. Since their childhood, Kabir and Preet indulged in playing dangerous games trying to fight the fear and complexes within. In a desperate moment,... Read more

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Suneel Darshan started producing films with Sunny Deol-Anil Kapoor like 'Inteqam' which was a box office disaster. Five years later he bounced back with Sunny Deol-Juhi Chawla starrer film 'Lootere' which fared decently over the box office and since then
Movie Zadda
Suneel Darshan's production house is known for casting top of the line stars. The film-maker also has an eye for...
Bollywood Hungama
Ok, this keeps happening in Bollywood from time-to-time.
If you are in really in a charitable mood go but with a statutory warning this may act as a spoiler.
India Glitz
How bad can a film be? If that is the question, this haphazard endeavour is your answer.
It's difficult to fall in love with Karle Pyaar Karle for the simple reason that it's a badly made film with no redeeming factor. Stay away.
Now Running
Amateur attempt with not much depth, can be ignored
Bharat Student
A launch pad gone haywire. Initially the game was really on.. but by the end the viewer is forced to ask folks was it a joke... veteran producer Suneel Darshan latest 'Karle Pyaar Karle' launches three aspirants his son Shiv as an actor, his long time associate Rajesh Pandey as a director and former Miss India Earth Hasleen as an actress.. but how on earth of Lavasa this went horribly wrong and whom to blame is as difficult to understand as the repeated cliche' jhatke in this so called Hatke' love story.
India Glitz
Talk about living to tell the tale!How do such stories find funds?
Story:A boring tale the story begins with Kabir (shiv) who is a mischievous kid. He also has a rival in the form of Preet (hasleen) but at the age of 8 he does something which puts him nearly at the door of a juvenile home. However, his parents take him a
Bharat Student
'कर ले प्यार कर ले' 'मिस लवली' के साथ इस शुक्रवार को बॉक्स ऑफिस पर एक और फ़िल्म 'करले प्यार करले' रिलीज़ हुई. इस फ़िल्म से निर्माता-निर्देशक सुनील दर्शन ने अपने बेटे शिव दर्शन को लॉन्च किया है.  मॉडल से...
Karle Pyaar Karle is the story of two childhood friends, Kabir & Preet who have always indulged themselves in daring games. Love and friendship re-emerges when they meet after 12 years but Preet think
Bollywood Mixer
Separated childhood friends Kabir and Preet meet after a decade and find themselves drawn to one another. They play truth or dare games that turn out to be perilously dangerous.
Times of India
A strictly avoidable stinker!
Bollywood Life
This is more such mindless things are a part of the movie Karle Pyaar Karle.
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