Karthikeya (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 4 mins Mystery, Comedy, Thriller, Action
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Average Critic Rating: (3.13)
Cast: Nikhil Siddharth , Swati Reddy
Director: Anu k Reddy
Release Date: 24 Oct 2014

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Karthikeya - All Reviews

- Karthikeya is one of the most refreshing films in the recent past. Novel concept, gripping screenplay, Nikhil’s performance and cleverly designed suspense elements make this film different from others. Overall this thriller is simply superb. ‘Karthikeya
I Luv Cinema
An Engaging Thriller!
Nani, AP Today
Good story, but bad taking absorbs the thrill.
Cine Outlook
Karthik [Nikhil] is a final year medical student. But Karthik is more interested in unsolved mysteries and he won't rest till they are sorted out. For a medical camp, Karthik goes to Subramanyapuram village and gets to know that Subramanyam Swami temple in the village has claimed many lives under mysterious circumstances. Karthik decides to chase this mystery and takes the help of a local priest [Thanikella Bharani]
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
'Karthikeya' is an engrossing thriller with good visuals, a nice story and soothing music offset a slightly unsatisfactory second half
S Mahesh Koneru, Releaseday
A suspense thriller that comes with a lazy narration.  Once watchable.
India Glitz
On an average, one can watch this flick for the story
The movie comes at a time, when suspense thrillers became almost extinct in Tollywood Overall, Karthikeya is a different movie with a potentially good concept
Telugu Mirchi
Thankfully here is a suspense thriller film that stays true to the genre and makes an honest attempt to keep a viewer interested. Okay, so it may not be as polished a product as a Murari or as intriguing as a Anveshana; still the fact remains that when it comes to an overall narrative, director Chandu Modeti has his basics well in place.
AP Herald
'Karthikeya' is one of the finer films made in the recent past and in times like these, that in itself is like a big compliment
Hemanth Kumar, The Times of India
Debutant director thrills.
Great Andhra
A Good attempt by the Debutante
Actor Nikhil and producer should be appreciated for agreeing to do a film that is different from regular Telugu movies. Supported by a neat screenplay and a bit of comedy, debutant director Chandoo Mondeti delivers a decent movie. Additional plus point of the movie is runtime (2 hours and 5 minutes). The minus points of the movie are slow-paced narration. The family drama and romance didn’t work well. On a whole, Karthikeya is a different yet interesting movie.
Idle Brain