Kavalai Vendam (2016)

Tamil 2 hrs 19 mins Romantic Comedy
9 %
Total Reviews: 12
Sahi: 1 Nahi: 11

Review Summary: With Kavalai Vendam, Deekay takes one big step in reverse after his impressive debut

Average Critic Rating: (2.29)
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Plot: The film, which is said to be an urban romance "about first love, second chances and relationships"... Read more

Kavalai Vendam - Movie Reviews

With Kavalai Vendam, Leon James proves that he is one of the most exciting young composers
Only Kollywood
Kavalai Vendam is a case study for how to make a regressive film in romantic-comedy genre
Indian Express
This stuff is tough to flush away, even for those of us who find no harm in an occasional fart in the arts
The Hindu
Kavalai Vendam ia an impact-free film, having a rough sketch of romance and comic episodes to tickle the funny bone
Only Kollywood
If Deekay had really meant it, that would be the funniest joke of it all
Director Deekay mainly relies on the comedy contents without any logic and fails to make the film interesting
For Deekay, Kavalai Vendaam is one big step in the reverse direction after his impressive debut
Just forget about logics and drama, you'€™ll enjoy the moments in Kavalai Vendam
Studio Flicks
The narrative lacks focus and the tone becomes jerky
The Times of India
Kavalai Vendam may not be high on logic, but watch it for its wacky moments and mindless entertainment
If double entendre and crude gags are your idea of entertainment then Kavalai Vendam might just do the trick
First Post
Deekay, in his second outing tries his best to make a decent impression
Cinema Glitz