Kerry On Kutton (2016)

Hindi 2 hrs 5 mins Drama
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Review Summary: Crass, crude, Kerry on Kutton misses the mark

Average Critic Rating: (1.88)
Cast: Aditya Kumar , Aradhana Jagota
Director: Ashok Yadav
Release Date: 01 Jul 2016

Plot: Four teenage lives undergoing a distorted upbringing intertwine in India's small town Baliya, also known as the city of rebels, eventually leading themselves into the dark zone of crime. Kerry whose only ambition in life is to loose his virginity. Kadambari who does not want to take over his family Read more

Kerry On Kutton - All Reviews

KERRY ON KUTTON is a tepid result of a wannabe who just couldn't get over the hangover from the cocktails of quirky mafia comedies and the rural exotica from the Hindi heartland of U.P. and Bihar served by Bhardwaj, Jha and Kashyap
Vishal Verma, Glam Sham
Remember the British Comedy Films in the 'Carry On' series? This film attempts to be that and then takes comedy into darker realms. The dialog and situations are very funny in parts, the characters are beautifully cast, but a better director would not allowed the film to meander all over the village.
Manisha Lakhe, Nowrunning
This film would appeal to only those who are fond of witnessing crass and crude humour
Source, Bollywood Life
“Kerry On Kutton” has the hangover of the “Carry On”, franchise – the low budget British comedy motion pictures which were made between 1958 and 1992.