Kevvu Keka (2013)

Telugu 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.24)
Cast: Allari Naresh , Sharmila Mandre
Director: Devi Prasad
Release Date: 19 Jul 2013

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Kevvu Keka - All Reviews

All in all, Kevvu Keka doesn’t promise much to the viewer except boredom and yawn
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
Naresh is the sole asset for his films, right from the beginning of his career. He continued his one man comedy show but Allari Naresh this time looked very low in his acting. Finally it’s not a Allari Naresh’s level film. Watching this movie is up to you.
Kevvu Keka has a decent first half but the film goes downhill in the second half. Allari Naresh has tried his best, but that is not enough to save this film.
Allari Naresh couldn't create Allari with Kevvu Keka. Film had more of Kekas rather than laughter kekas. Even comedy is missing from the film. Allari Naresh's fans can watch the film once.
If you are looking for a film that will make you laugh for two hours, then stay away from Kevvu Keka. The film is nothing short of torture, from beginning to the end. Right from the word go, the director puts the audience through torture in the name of comedy.
Devi Prasad for some reason reduced the comedy content in the film and showed Naresh in a subdued manner. First half is good but he lost the plot in the second half.
Director Devi Prasad has handled the direction, screenplay and story departments. He has not done justice to any of them. He loses control of the film in the second half. Overall it’s not a Allari Naresh’s brand movie
Overall it’s not a Allari Naresh’s brand movie, it’s a waste of time and waste of money one time watchable movie without any expectations, All over the audience in the theater will feel bore while watching the movie.
It is one thing to come up with a comedy subject and an other to execute it with the right punch and feel. In this film, the plot was quite predictable but the writing was so weak that from the first scene the life is not seen. The first half goes in a very monotonous manner and the interval twist was expected. Second half has few ups and downs but never picks up.
Camera and Music are ok. Some trimming in the editing room would have made the film crispy and interesting. Especially the second half needs a lot of trimming. Kevvu Keka collects full ticket but offers you half of its value. Yet, a visit to movie will definitely refresh your mood.
With a parody dialogue in trailer Allari Naresh has attracted many towards Kevvu Keka movie but in reality this is only parody he did throughout the film. Snail moving screenplay with less entertainment will make you question is this really Allari Naresh film which we bought ticket for. One rating is given to Kevvu Keka only for few here and there comedy scenes
Naresh plays Buchi Babu, who wants to own a lot of money. Greed is the film's center focus and parallel to the main concept, comedy makes up the rest of it. The hero's mama as well as the heroine's father make it their goal to give audiences as many laughs as possible. There isn't much to say about the plot, except for one or two twists that give the narration a backbone. From Hyderabad to Bangkok, the characters, including Ali, contribute to light moments
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Viewers will shout out loud in pain!
'Kevvu Keka' is a good comedy entertainer for the family
Shekhar, Oneindia Entertainment
But Kevvu keka lags in that respect Director Devi Prasad and writer Vegeshna Satish should have taken more care in script and comedy punches
Telugu Mirchi
This film is not the trade mark film of Allari Naresh. Director failed in producing comedy. Kevvu Keka did not got the name of it. You may wait for DVD.
Kevvu Keka is simply one time watch. Allari Naresh has attempted his best here. But it's not really a worthy film.
Allari naresh is dragging his talent behind from every movie, His acting seems too low and dull. Comedy is his trade mark which you cant find in his face throughout the film. Kevvu keka ends up with another mess in Allari Naresh career ,can be watched if you have time.
Allari Naresh manages to place up a decent performance despite all the opposite loopholes within the movie. The music by Chinni Charan doesn’t produce any exceptional impression with the listeners.
Kevvu Keka has a decent first half but the film goes downhill in the second half. Allari Naresh has tried his best, but that is not enough to save this film.
Like most routine comedies with romantic twist, the film has a predictable ending. The narration and screenplay both drag at most places, making the audience impatient. The comedy punches, trademark assets of any Allari Naresh film, simply fail to make an impact.
If you are looking for some action, there's some even though it may not be quality stuff. There's Mumait Khan too and she is overshadowed by the music in her song, much to the relief of the audience.
The Times Of India
Decent comedy from the various comedians create a light film meant for time pass. Kevvu Keka has some of Naresh's usual entertaining comedy scenes. Other than that, the music does not help the film much. Mumait Khan, however, does not disappoint the audience with her hot dance moves.
Overall, Kevvu Keka is not a characteristic comedy product on the standards of Allari Naresh and Devi Prasad. Though entertaining here and there with scene by scene, this could have been still better if Devi Prasad concentrated a bit more on weak content. For general audience who just want to enjoy the presence of Allari Naresh, this is one time watch.
It is a tightly written film.  Though there is nothing greatly amusing, the performances and dialogue keep us hooked.
India Glitz
Comedy films director Devi Prasad has failed to generate the required entertainment and also did not live to Allari Naresh brand comedy in this film. His story, screenplay and direction fall flat without great content in them.
Naresh has good reputation as a comedy hero. Not just film industry guys even audience feel that his movies are minimum guarantee, which will entertain them for two hours. If he succeeds in tickling audience funny bone at least once for each scene, his movies will become super hit. But Kevvu keka lags in that respect.
˜Kevvu Kekaâ' might prove to be a big disappointment to Allari Nareshâ's fans
Chakpak, Deccan Chronicle
Finally the movie will be a big feast to everyone. Keep watching for more updates and the official review of “Kevvu Keka” movie.
Devi Prasad has handled the direction, screenplay and story departments. He has not done justice to any of them. He loses control of the film in the second half.