Khajoor Pe Atke (2018)

Hindi Comedy
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Total Reviews: 4
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Review Summary: 'Khajoor Pe Atke' is not particularly funny and wastes a talented cast

Average Critic Rating: (1.88)
Cast: Manoj Pahwa , Vinay Pathak , Seema Pahwa , Dolly Ahluwalia , Sanah Kapoor , Prathamesh Parab , Suneeta Sengupta , Alka Yamin , Vicky Arora
Director: Harsh Chhaya
Release Date: 18 May 2018

Khajoor Pe Atke - Movie Reviews

A copy of the Marathi film Ventilator, Khajoor Pe Atke exaggerates in every possible way bringing down what could have been a wonderful situational dark comedy to something unsavory. A brother is about to die, and the family gathers around to 'be there'. Each person has his or her own motives for being there. Alas, instead of letting the audience decide when to chuckle and when to fall off the chair laughing, the loud comic sounds and the constant overacting puts you off.
Manisha Lakhne, Now Running
Ventilator se gire.. or..
Vishal Verma, Glam Sham
The satire in Khajoor Pe Atke is not savage enough
Classic Example Of How To Make Nothing With Everything!
Umesh Punwani, Koi Moi