Khatta Meetha (2010)

Hindi 2 hrs 28 mins Comedy
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Review Summary: KHATTA MEETHA is a major letdown from the accomplished director. It's not a full-blown comedy.

Average Critic Rating: (2.25)
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Plot: The film revolves around a struggling road constructor, Sachin Tichkule ( Akshay Kumar ). He dreams big, but there seems to be no chance of his dreams coming true as he doesn't have any money to bribe the bureaucracy. His family have lost faith in him, telling him to earn... Read more

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Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar) a small time contractor is desperate to succeed in a society that is skewed heavily towards the corrupt the mean the selfish and the law breakers.
Times of India
KHATTA MEETHA is a major letdown from the accomplished director. It's not a full-blown comedy.
Bollywood Hungama
There's no such thing as Indian', contends Sachin Tichkule.
Cast:Akshay Kumar,Trisha Krishnan, Makrand DeshpandeDirector:PriyadarshanWhatever else you do, don't forget to carry cotton for your ears when you're heading off to watchKhatta Meetha, director Priyadarshan's loud and outrageously insensitive new film.Set
When Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar join hands, you expect the cineplex to reverberate with laughter.
Indian Express
Someone tell Priyadarshan to watch Tere Bin Laden for inspiration--how to make a homegrown comedy with ingenuity and not so-called stars.
India Today
The movie Story of Khatta Meetha goes with Akshay Kumar in the role of Road Contracter, on whom t...
Technically polished and many notches superior to Akshay Kumar's other recent entertainers "Khatta Meetha" conveys that sweet-sour taste of a universe that has rapidly degenerated into absolute self-gratification
Akshay Kumar returns with yet another comedy titled Khatta Meetha, once again with Priyadarshan who has previously directed him in immensely successful films like Hera Pheri, Garam Masala and Bhool Bhulaiyaa. The film also stars Trisha, a hugely successfu
One still remembers the great laughter riot, ‘Hera Pheri’ and Bhool Bhulaiya’ from Akshay and PriyanIt mesmerized the audience and took the box office with storm‘’s is a remake of Malayalam film, ‘Vellanakalude Nadu’(starring Mohanlal and Shobana) by The
Bollywood Mantra
Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Priyadarshan  Pritam  Irshad Kamil & Shehzad Roy  Akshay Kumar, Trisha Krishnan and Rajpal YadavKhatta Meetha Movie Review July 23, 2010 03:15:40 PM ISTBy Pankaj Sabnani, Bollywood Trade News Network view KHATTA MEETH
Glam Sham
However the irony of that is, the movie turns out to be neither serious nor funny! Barring a few comic scenes, the movie can be easily passed off as utterly boring.
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It’s simply bland
"Yeh Jeena Hai Angoor Ka Daana...Kuch Kacha Hai Kuch Pakka Hai...Jitna Khaya Meetha Tha Jo Haath Na Aaya Woh Khatta Hai..." If there is ever a motto in life, the earlier line perfectly comprehends that motto. The above line is not only the title song of B
Planet Bollywood
As a whole, Akshay steals the show by providing a laugh-riot to the viewers
Smash Hits
Khatta Meetha is better than some of Akshay's previous films like De Dana Dan and Kambakht Ishq but if what you expect is an out-an-out comic entertainer you'll be disappointed.
Now Running
After the innovative 'Tere Bin Laden' by a newbie, here comes the promised one by the proud committee members of Bollywood laughter's, the reliable Priyadarshan and the dependable superstar Akshay who recently made the theatres go 'Housefull' but alas, this contract of Bollywood laughter by the duo who tickled our funny bones with 'Hera Pheri', 'Bhool Bhulaiya' etc comes with a low tar construction on the Bollywood entertainment road that hovers around mediocrity where Akshay and a couple of gags are the only lasting impression making the viewer feel that he is not been funningly absorbed enough.
India Glitz
Unfortunately, Khatta Meetha is noise (the actors scream a lot in this movie), more noise (the great promotion) and only noise, while the content takes a complete backseat. Although Khatta Meetha shouldn''t be compared to this combo''s earlier works, sinc
Bharat Student
Thus in conclusion Khatta Meetha is an all around major disappointment that leaves you annoyed if you’re one who’s looked forward to the film. Priyadarshan tries desperately to bring across some valuable life lessons but sadly due to the non-gripping and
Bolly Spice
Khatta Meetha is a remake of the Malayalam hit Vellanakalude Nadu, made by the same director