Kick 2 (2015)

Telugu Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventure
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Average Critic Rating: (2.81)
Cast: Rakul Preet Singh , Ravi Teja
Director: Surender Reddy
Release Date: 28 May 2015

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Kick 2 - All Reviews

Tollywood appears to have missed a hat-trick with Kick 2 after blockbusters like Baahubali and Srimanthudu. But it did not miss its winning streak. Kick 2 comes out as a winner if you are comfortable watching the same old slapstick comedy and emotional drama, with a bit of twist here and there.
There are serious films. There are intelligent films. There are boring films. There are massy, commercial films. And then, there are Ravi Teja’s films, which are undoubtedly the ‘baap’ of commercial cinema. When I went to watch Ravi Teja’s latest entertainer, Kick 2, I knew what I had signed up for. But I was never prepared for what unfolded in front of my eyes on the big screen.
Subramanian Harikumar, BollywoodLife
Finally Raviteja's kick 2 is an one time watch entertainer . Uncomfortable without mass maharajas mark !
Ravi Teja and Rakul Preet’s action packed comedy entertainer will just blow you away Don’t miss it
Telugu Mirchi
Fate of the film hangs on a balance. If B & C centre audiences like it, then the film will end up as average fare, else, it's bad luck for Kalyan Ram.Final words: Only discomfort and occasional kick.
Commercially, ‘Kick 2’ might open for decent revenues till weekend. A long stand of more than two to three weeks is probably doubtful. Lastly, the only line of Tanikella in the film ‘Idi Workout Avadu’ stood true to ‘Kick 2’ spirit.
But when compared, Kick was far better than the sequel.
Deccan Chronicle
First half is entertaining in parts. Surender Reddy tried to make it an out and out entertainer by treating it in lighter tone. Vilaspur episodes are neither entertaining nor emotional. Few good scenes towards the end come as a welcome relief but that is not enough for the movie to raise above the mediocrity. Kick 2 will disappoint Kick fans but may seem average if you keep your expectations in check. -
Nani, AP Today
Robin Hood(Raviteja) is a Doctor by Profession in USA.He wants to build a super speciality hospital in his native place in his own property.So he comes to his native Town.There he finds that the said property is occupied by a local goon Suleman Singh Thakur(Ashish Vidyarthi).Robin Hood meeets Chaitra(Rakul Preet Singh)and falls in Love.Now Chaitra is kidnaped by some goons and is taken to her native village Vikaspur.How Robin saves Chaitra from the goons,how he fights with Suleman Singh Thakur.How he make the villagers happy are to be seen on the silver screen.
Business Of Tollywood
I was wondering how the heroine, a village girl who does not have enough money to even eat food in village, was maintaining iPhone 6 when Hero was about to depart to USA. (Illogical and silly point to noteCry)
'Kick' was very successful because of the high entertainment quotient. But in 'Kick 2', the emphasis is more on the story and director Surender Reddy didn't deviate from it. The dose of sentiment is good and didn't go overboard. Some scenes which show the plight of the villagers and how desperate they are to get rid of gruesome Tagore have been shot really well.
Compared to Kick, Kick 2 has less comedy, but even then, Raviteja’s screen presence and the way he carried emotional drama, make us sit and watch Kick 2 in the theatre.
Where Kick is a hilarious comedy entertainer, Kick 2 is supposed to be on the same note and audience expects that too. But director Surendar Reddy gave more importance to emotional episodes this time, with a good comedy restricting only for the first half.
Aravind, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Kick 2 is a total time-pass, paisa-vasool film
On the whole, Kick 2 is yet another mass Ravi Teja film which has entertainment and emotions in equal doses. But lack of basic entertainment in the second half let’s down the film to an extent. However, a hilarious first half, beautiful songs and Ravi Teja’s strong screen presence in the film over shadow these flaws and decently entertain you with its emotional content.
Where is the Kick?
Telugu Cinema
A better screenplay, better entertainment would have made some difference to this predictable story. All in all, Kick 2 is not half good as the original Kick.
Kick 2 lacks Kick
Great Andhra
Kick 2 is a mindless action entertainer with some good action episodes and songs.Rakul Preet Singh’s glamour is an added attraction for this action entertainer. Thaman excelled once again and delivered fantastic Background Score for the film. He has elevated lot of scenes in the film with his BGM.
For those who like the Kick format, there’s an excess of everything. Others would end up feeling like Brahmanandam who does a little jig and beats his bald pate each time he is irritated.
After striking gold at the boxoffice with 'Kick', Surender Reddy and Ravi Teja teamed up once again for 'Kick 2'. This time, the film has got much bigger as Kalyan Ram joined them as the producer. What is the film all about ? Does the 'Kick' combo repeat the magic once again ? Let's see.
India Glitz
Surender Reddy's captivating screenplay and direction which gave him many hits this time deserted him. Overall Kick 2 fails to create the magic of Kick depriving Raviteja and Surender Reddy reach the earlier hits Power and Race Gurram. But Surender Reddy creates interest ending Kick II with Kick III
Surender Reddy stars in a perfect manner starting from where he left in the original. He sought to show difference between 'Kick' and 'Comfort', showing Raviteja as a selfish person. First half has good entertainment with Raviteja and Brahmanandam but as the film progresses viewers feel something lacking and carve for more even as Rakul makes her entry.Kick 2 'Comfort' fails to give 'Kick'!